Consistent Quality

Using Time where it Matters

One of the most common challenges we encounter from bid writers is time pressure and management affecting quality.

We understand how the process around managing a tender, as well as answering all of the administrative questions, takes up vast amounts of your time and can shift your focus away from writing compelling answers that will differentiate you from your competitors.

We know, because we've been there too! It's the reason we created EasyPQQ!

Streamline the Repetitive

Our software has been built to help bid teams streamline processes as much as possible, including:

  • Filling in the same details time and time again
  • Searching for those answers you know you've used before
  • Figuring out which is the latest version of the document
  • Adding appropriate CVs and case studies
  • Identify who has yet to respond
  • Getting a consistent format for all the different questions
  • Applying consistent branding

A Case in Point

One of clients, Dodd Group, approached us as they were struggling to keep track of when they had previously answered a question. They knew the information was somewhere. They knew that someone knew about it. But it was taking them a very long time to find that information.

Watch Luke Hunter, their head of bid management, talk about how EasyPQQ solved this problem.


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What our users say...

These days, most bids are submitted by email or uploaded onto a portal, so EasyPQQ's facility to gather together all the constituent parts generate a PDF of the finished document at a click, is tremendously helpful.  We also make extensive use of the search function to access previous answers.