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As of March 2019, EasyPQQ now uses Microsoft Word for its document editing. Globally, MS Word is the most popular word processor tool. It remains the top choice ‘go-to’ word processors - a now indispensable tool for most computer users. Having obtained the necessary Microsoft licencing EasyPQQ and MS Word work seamlessly giving users the superb combined functionality of both applications.

Flexibility and Quality

Subtle quality checks ensure your document reads professionally and without fault. Spell check capabilities as well as grammar and syntax checks, avoid those careless ‘human’ errors. In many cases, alternative wording suggestions are given too.

Another advantage of MS Word is its ability to incorporate photos, illustrations and other visual materials. These can be repositioned in a document with the program’s drag-and-drop capabilities. Users can also incorporate other important information such as lists, tables, diagrams and infographics.

Familiar and Easy to use

MS Word is one of the most widely used and familiar pieces of office software in the world, meaning your team is likely to already use this software and have good knowledge of it. Therefore, the transition to using EasyPQQ is familiar, guaranteeing ease of navigation when using the document creation tools. 

MS Word offers an easy-to-use navigation pane at the top. This allows users to see visual representations of many of the functions. Users simply hover on an icon to see exactly what it does. Then, click on the buttons to initiate the chosen function or task. Instead of having to scroll through multiple menus to find something, users can usually find what is needed almost instantly.

Why does Microsoft Word work perfectly with EasyPQQ?

By joining forces with EasyPQQ, the combined effect is all the usual MS word functionality combined with the following: EasyPQQ’s branded document features compliment MS Word’s flexibility allowing at a touch of a button for your document to be Saved and then Exported as part of your whole document. This means all styling and company branding is consistently applied.

EasyPQQ's powerful algorithmic Intelligent Search Engine allows users to quickly access relevant company-held information. The benefit is obvious: no need to search through folders, sub-folders and even more sub-folders hoping to find the document you're looking for. Let alone reading through pages and pages of text until your eye settles on exactly what you're looking for. 

Company documents stored within EasyPQQ can be searched for, again using the Search Engine. These can then be attached as required to a preferred position within the document.

Writers frequently use images to improve the visual quality of the content or to insert infographics, charts, diagrams or photos to provide additional information or to clarify text. These can be inserted easily using the usual MS Word Insert Image tool but in addition, images stored within EasyPQQ can be easily searched for, located and inserted at the click of a button.

In instances where a number of authors collaborate on a document, the process can be recorded through EasyPQQ. For transparency, sharing the progress of each question can be very important and ensures progress is logged and shared, especially with the ever-imminent deadline date. Where required automatically generated e-mails are sent to inform colleagues that the content is ready for review or approval.

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