EasyPQQ Pricing

Simple Licencing Model

A simple pricing model with the flexibility to grow.

There are two types of licensing models to choose from: 

Per User Licences

You can pay for EasyPQQ on a per-user basis. An initial purchase of EasyPQQ may involve a small number of your team who are required to access the software. Since each individual user is required to hold their own licence (which is protected by a unique username and password), a specific number of licences will be purchased. The number of licences depends on how many users you want to access the system. This allows any company, regardless of size or the number of employees, to use EasyPQQ cost-effectively, giving real value for money.

Setting a realistic budget, with the capacity to increase where required, gives you entry into the world of EasyPQQ.

After just a few months, should it become clear that the power of EasyPQQ and the time-saving efficiencies have improved processes and procedures within the company, further licences can easily be purchased. The varied uses, and flexibility of EasyPQQ mean that it can be expanded well beyond just the Tender Team/ Department,’ enabling the entire company to gain benefits across the board.

Discounts are offered on larger numbers of users. Get in contact to discuss further.

Enterprise Licences - Fixed Cost for Unlimited Users

Would you prefer a fixed cost for unlimited users? Dependent on the number of your potential users, EasyPQQ can be purchased as an Enterprise Licence. At a fixed cost, the Enterprise Licence gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of users, each with their own Username and Password.

The price of the Enterprise Licence is calculated on a sliding scale, which and is based on Company Turnover (This is used to predict the likely number of employees or potential users).

Set-up, Implementation and Training

At the time of purchase, your own company’s EasyPQQ Account will be set-up according to your individual, bespoke needs. Similarly, our implementation process is customised specifically towards your organisation; it and can be tailored to departments or individuals so that the process of adopting a new system can be achieved successfully. Staff training will take place either at your offices or remotely, as dictated by your company’s needs.

There is a cost associated to set-up, implementation and training. This is calculated based on the number of users purchased or the size of the overall licence.

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