Read what our customers are saying about EasyPQQ. We work with a broad range of clients across a variety of industries to deliver high-quality software.

We can put together any professional document in-house (not just tenders and PQQ's,) which for a small company like ours saves us a lot of money by not having to use external graphics companies. We can also search all our previous answers, which enables us to fill in most questionnaires quickly, saving resources. Because of the way it is set up, the bids software enables us to pull together the main elements of a bid using an administrator, which for us is a much better use of resource - giving our directors and managers a head-start from which to work.

Trudy S. - Marketing & Business Development Manager
Construction Sector

The look of the documentation produced provides an edge over competitors. The ease of navigating around the system, as well as the first class support provided from the back office team, is excellent. Overall, a fantastic piece of software that has made the management of the tender process a lot easier.

Mark S. - Marketing Executive
Construction Sector

Great product and simple to use. Good proposal software tool which covers all the key elements of bid management. Search content and managing functions are both very good and it has significantly improved the quality of our output. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve the quality of their bids.

Chris B - Head of Bids
Construction Sector

The bid tracking system makes PQQ submissions at lot easier. The search functionality. Easily being able to attach frequently used documents. Merges all documents into one PDF at the click of a button.

Linda T - Office Administrator

We find the time saving and stability of branding for our documents is the most beneficial thing about EasyPQQ.

Phil N - Operations Director
Asbestos Sector

The search and filter option for resolving ad-hoc company related questions with the cloud proposal software is very useful for our company.

Darron W - Bid Manager
Financial Sector

We have been using EasyPQQ for several years and it has proved invaluable is helping our business with Quality Submissions and PQQs sharing information across 5 regional offices. The data management and search facility make it much easier to prepare submissions with the document management software. 

John D - Marketing Director
Construction Sector

Excellent product. It really fits with how we want to change. I feel that the bid management system will only benefit the company to improve. The time savings on documents is outstanding.

Scott C - H&S Manager
Construction Sector

The Word Document Format is the best part of EasyPQQ for us.

J.L - Office Managere
Engineering Sector

We could not cope without it now! Document formatting in the document repository software and the search function is the most beneficial thing about EasyPQQ.

John M - Business Development Director
Specialist Sector

EasyPQQ saves so much time! Searching for previous answers in the document library software that can then be recycled and modified really helps.

Ian E - Bid Manager
Consulting Sector

EasyPQQ, the submission management software, has such a great search function.

Kirsty W - Bid Writer
Construction Sector

The search function is super powerful and, whilst not the most complex part of EasyPQQ, it should not be overlooked. It really helps with tenders. 

Emma F - Bid Executive
Legal Sector

The project management tool provides an excellent dashboard for checking progress and allocating questions to casual users is a real bonus. It allows people to contribute their responses without requiring a log-in and full access to the system and can be accessed from a link in an email. Really user-friendly and quick. 

Laura R. - Bid Manager
Construction Sector

Great ease of use and support that comes with it. No issue to big or small for the customer support team and issues are sorted promptly.

Enda H. - QESH Manager
Construction Sector

As our company is spread out over several countries, this collaboration management software has prevented multiple teams from rewriting responses that have already been developed. More importantly, it has ensured that the top responses are used on a consistent basis and that poor responses are not utilised. The proposals software is very easy-to-use, and the in-house training provided by EasyPQQ was very easy to understand and implement. The document processing software is very user friendly and EasyPQQ have been very receptive to any recommendations made by our company on potential minor modifications. The notification system for identifying when certificates etc are about to expire is also a very helpful tool ensuring that only up to date information is provided to clients and prevents the embarrassment of providing expired information.

Ian O. - Bid Manager
Construction Sector

EasyPQQ has greatly improved our bid writing process. By collating all bid information in one searchable team knowledge database, that can be interrogated by question or answer keywords, Asbestech has saved a great deal of time in drawing up bids and has improved our bid quality and win ratio over the time we have been using it. As well as bid content, it has also helped us to develop our corporate bid style and apply it across all documents that are transmitted to clients. We have found that we can also use the system for internal documents such as manuals to great effect.

Phil N. - Operations Director

The secure document management system is really easy to use. It is structured in a way that means anyone, bid writer or technical expert, can use it without getting lost. Ultimately, the bid management system enables us to focus on tailoring our responses to clients, rather than writing answers from scratch every time. I'd highly recommend EasyPQQ.

Mike R. - Head of Bidding, Proposals and Marketing
Specialist Sector

Consistency in documentation throughout the construction process which is great in the eyes of the end client so this has been a massive positive for me.

The impression that the output provides to the end client is very professional and the contract management system itself is easy to use. I use the document submission software to provide manuals to clients at the end of a construction project and this in line with the pre-construction documentation is great as it shows a consistency of documentation which we are in control of. I like the way that the outputs can be adapted to suit any client requirements in the documentation. All in all the system, in my opinion, is excellent.

Nick G. - Compliance Manager
Construction Sector

These days, most bids are submitted by email or uploaded onto a portal, so EasyPQQ's facility to gather together all the constituent parts generate a PDF of the finished document at a click, is tremendously helpful.  We also make extensive use of the search function to access previous answers.

Walker Management - Director

EasyPQQ is great! The cloud based file management system makes writing and putting together bids an efficient task. We are also able to track bids through the entire process with ease due to graphical gauges on the EasyPQQ dashboard. The intuitive nature of this program is top-notch, and it is extremely helpful to be able to have all the info we need in one place at the same time.

Ryan T. - Project Manager
Construction Sector

It's like a one-stop shop, all relevant documents available in one place once uploaded into the electronic database management system.

Able to create a professional looking document in a few clicks and having the option to present it as word or PDF.

Carmel T. - Operations Manager
Construction Sector

Clean and simple to use. I can store my responses in the document indexing software and use the search facility to find what I'm after rather than opening up hundreds of past submissions.

Abee R. - Bid Writer
Construction Sector

The end result looks very professional and something I'm comfortable sending over to existing and potential clients. I like the fact you can replicate previously completed documents in the bid builder and tweak accordingly for another company which saves so much time.

Andrew M. - Key Account Manager
Specialist Sector

Saves a massive amount of time; enabling us to complete more submissions within a limited timescale. 

The search function and additional details at New Bid stage that allow us to provide portal information and passwords. Also, like the fact that you can keep an accurate track of which bids were successful/unsuccessful on a monthly basis in the bid tracking system. Prevents us from having to search back through previous submissions and award letters on our internal server.

Natalie W. - Bid Writer
Construction Sector

A good way of organising your bid library and creating quick bid responses.

Search tool; collateral; model answers (which I know is a feature in the process of further improvement); the ease with which you can set up documents etc.

Arion K. - Bid Manager

We use EasyPQQ for a host of functions and over the years the system has grown with the business enhancing our ability to promote continuous improvement.

Barhale - Bid Writer

I have confidence in the professional presentation of my company to clients during the bid process, from RFI right up to post tender meetings. 

Asbestech - Business Development Manager

I use EasyPQQ on a daily basis, the benefits it brings to my role are mainly time saving. The creation on bid documentation is a time confusing part of our day in business development and with offices in four other regions of the country it helps me support the team in creating a standard of submission which is consistant and professional across the company. 

Barhale - Bid Writer

The bid management software has improved enormously over the last year or so and is now much more user-friendly. The pros are the Library/Database of previous answers and the ease of searching for keywords. 

Claire C. - Business Development Manager
Construction Sector

Easy to use, keep your information up to date and it's easier

Easy to use, just a few clicks and away you go. Easy to update and include new/updated information. Once you've gone the groundwork it couldn't be simpler.

Andrew E. - H&S Manager
Construction Sector

Support as and when needed. In addition, the design work undertaken by Sarah and Cara on resident guides, A3 presentations, etc is excellent. Top quality and often at short notice.

Chigwell - Business Development Manager

Easy PQQ is excellent for searching all content from previous answers. I used to spend hours trying to find good answers to previous tender questions and now I can do it in minutes. Brilliant!

David C. - Tenders and Bids Manager
Utilities Sector

Makes our jobs so much easier with the search function - the whole team uses it on a daily basis. The search function is by far the handiest tool for us to quickly find answers we have used before. It's like our own personal bid search engine.

Claire R. - Bid Manager
Construction Sector

Support is excellent, with user-led development meetings focusing on what the end users feel could benefit and improve the document builder software.

Concrete Repairs - Manager

The simplified document storing, ease of access online and standardised quality of submissions

Extremely helpful tool for simplifying contractual applications. The team are amazingly helpful, working with ourselves to improve the product and functionality. Propeller Studios deserve great praise for their open ear and keen willingness to ensure continual improvement alongside a fast-moving industry's requirements

Dean S. - Bid writer
Construction Sector

Halves my time asking individuals and looking for things in the document indexing software. 

Cofely - Bid Writer

Quality of bids has improved greatly.

Ease of use and the support that comes with the proposal management software. No issue too big or small for customer support team and issues sorted promptly.

Enda H. - QESH Manager
Construction Sector

It is hard to put a figure on the time you save, but it is significant amount, saved through process efficiency.  It is the time that you realise you wouldn’t have, if you had to go back the old way of doing things.

Harsco - Business Development Manager

A faster turnaround of completing prequals and tender quality questions using the document submission software.

Farrans - Manager

Primarily used to search previous answers, but we are working to utilise more features. Search engine around previous answers is a great feature, I just wish it had the option for more detailed metadata.

Gareth M. - Senior Bid Writer

It has improved our success rate on pre-qualification questionnaires. It has provided a library of information which is accessible from different locations. It has made the sharing information easier. Has enabled any of the team to work on each others documents, when time is against us!

GF Tomlinson - Bid Manager

Customer relationship management is much more efficient than the previous system we worked with.

The system is easy to use we have lots of staff as designated users for a wide range of applications. It does everything that we need it to do. EasyPQQ is an effective tool to help the business develop and track leads and business relationships. The response from the Propeller support team is always quick and efficient and we are pleased to note that some of our system improvement suggestions have been introduced.

Gill D. - HR Manager
Construction Sector

You can now focus more on the strategy and pricing, rather than the formatting and printing of the submission. I would not say it is a question of time, it's a question of quality.

Harsco - Business Development Manager

Speeds up bids through storage of essential information.

Very handy storage of library information, and easily searchable. Uploading of past bids is quick and effective. Easy to find past items too.

James G. - Senior Bid Coordinator
Construction Sector

Reminds you of any certificates that are about to run out of date and are out of date. Have also used the system for Service Level Agreement for my business rather than just PQQ's.

Julie-Anne H. - Sales support Manager
Construction Sector

EasyPQQ, the project software management solution, is timesaving, the search facility is very quick and easy to use to find a response to the question.

Kirkman & Jourdain - Bid Writer

Being able to retrieve previous answers to bids and the ability to store documents in collateral is so useful. 

Being able to store all standard certificates and accreditations in one place and seeing when they expire is really important, especially for compliance monitoring. Also, the traffic light system is great to see stages of a bid and answer statuses.


Jenny O. - Assistant Bid Coordinator
Construction Sector

The search function on previous answers. This allows me to find information quickly when I know I have written on similar subjects before.

Jo B. - Quality Administrator
Construction Sector

Speeds up bids through storage of essential information.

Very handy storage of library information, and easily searchable. Uploading of past bids is quick and effective. Easy to find past items too.

James G. - Senior Bid Coordinator
Construction Sector

The storage of all previous bids in the document repository software is very useful. It allows us to manage the process efficiently - we can see where people are with responses and also the fact that the answers are stored in of great use to us for future submissions.

Julie R. - Senior Bid Coordinator
Construction Sector

All bids go to the wire! This secure document management system helps manage the process, draw upon past successes, improve/identify weaknesses and therefore will continue to save any company time and money. More importantly it will increase your chances of winning work, by increasing the quality of your overall bid. 

Harsco - Business Development Manager

I like the ability to search previous answers and the ability to customise the forms to include additional information such as portal hyperlinks and passwords within the bid management software. 

Kerry H. - Bid Writer
Construction Sector

We are a small company with limited resources for presentation design. Easy PQQ gives us an efficient way to produce a smart, standard layout for PQQ and tender documents.  Several people can work on a bid at once and monitor our progress using the dashboard. 

Walker Management - Director

EasyPQQ provides the whole team with a simple-to-use tool which standardises all of our responses to meet our brand guidelines. It is simple to use and enables me to log on at any point and review bids WIP. 

Npower - Bid Manager

Excellent looking bid submissions. Being able to find previous answers and monitor the performance of our bid submissions.

Ease of finding previous answers from the database saves considerable time. The look of the documentation produced provides an edge over competitors. The ease of navigating around the tender management system as well as the first class support provided from the back office team.

Mark S. - Marketing Executive
Construction Sector

It now makes my completion of a PQQ so much quicker and easier.

The convenience of all works being logged on one bid database with a one-touch search for data that has been uploaded and stored for a quicker and more effective way to produce a document.

Victoria M. - Administrator
Manufacturing Sector

We have been using EasyPQQ for several years now. The bid management system has helped us to cut down the time it takes to complete PQQ and tender submissions.  We are able to produce impressive documents at the touch of a button and the search facility enables us to use our bank of past responses to maximum effect.

MLM - Business Development Manager

EasyPQQ saves time but most importantly the documents look professional as though I have spent much more time putting them together.

SDC - Bid Writer

The bid management tool is also beneficial as a document management system and makes it easy to find past and high rated responses quickly.  To sum up, it saves time, increases quality and standardisation, reduces errors and promotes high scoring responses.

Npower - Bid Manager

We have won more PQQs since having this document control management system because of how well the system keeps all the information needed all together and the end result is brilliant.

Parker Bromley - Manager

The tender writing software is simple to use and everything is set out in an easy to find format. The team on hand to assist are very helpful and friendly.

Tara T. - Executive PA
Specialist Sector

It has made bid writing much more efficient as well as acting as a great storage of bid information. It has also been a really useful way of tracking bids - particular with the visual reporting on the dashboard in the bid tracking system. The ability to have all bids and bidding information in one place has been the greatest benefit to us.

Patrick H - Bid Writer
IT Sector

The range of features of the cloud proposal software. Quick and simple to adapt to new features. Updates are usually really helpful. Staff at Propeller are excellent.

Sophie L. - Business Development
Construction Sector

I think EasyPQQ can save me a third of the time previously taken in collating and producing a submission.  Much of the time saving is in the final production of a document at the critical moment to meet a deadline.

Stepnell - Bid Manager