Why EasyPQQ?

The EasyPQQ software has been developed from real customer use cases and years of expertise in the industry. Based on core needs for document creation, the purpose of EasyPQQ is to maximise efficiency and save time throughout all stages of creation, management and distribution of documents.

Document collaboration

In today's competitive business environment, proposals and bid submissions are critical to winning work whilst being produced to increasingly tight deadlines. 

EasyPQQ enables you to produce high-quality documents quickly and efficiently while allowing multiple collaborators to work on the same live document if desired. It has been designed to accommodate any size team and project, whether a solo project or an international team spanning multiple countries, the easy cloud-based team collaboration allows for smooth execution from start to finish with the confidence of knowing your data is secure and backed up daily.

All of your knowledge from previous submissions can be accessed quickly thanks to our unique intelligent search engine saving up to 80% of the time needed for each submission. 

Document production is easily managed using our intuitive and easy to use dashboard allowing you to assign questions to team members, manage the authoring process, send reminders, schedule reviews and approve the finished document.

For all your company documentation

At the touch of a button, and making use of the template functionality, your finished work is automatically branded to give it a professional and consistent look. EasyPQQ is not just for bid submissions but it can also be used for all of your company documentation including employee handbooks, policy documents, reports and presentations.

Easy set up and targeted training

Our training is normally conducted at your premises by our experienced software trainers. The easy and intuitive nature of the dashboard reduces the time taken to train staff meaning that your ROI starts quicker and the improvements soon become major benefits to your business. 

UK-based support

We have a dedicated UK-based support team who are available to help by phone or email during standard office hours. The EasyPQQ system has a built-in error reporting feature which alerts our programming team of issues so you can rest assured that any errors will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, any time of the day or night.

EasyPQQ - Compliance Management Software

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