Tender Writing Services

  • Do you lack your own tender writing experts?
  • Does your team require additional support for complex or large tenders?
  • Does the volume of proposals exceed your current resource?

Writing confident and high-quality tenders requires specialist skills and knowledge. It’s essential your tenders match your client’s aspirations, aims and values to meet all evaluation criteria in the selection process.

Our colleagues at Propeller Studios are a team of highly experienced consultants with a long track record of success in writing and winning tender documents. Working across a variety of sectors including construction, social housing, education, rail, civil engineering and service sectors, the team at Propeller Studios can write to fit your market.

Propeller Studios provides a tailored service to produce tender documents that:

  • Contain your critical themes with supporting evidence
  • Make sure your clients truly understand the added value you bring 

Find out how the Experts at Propeller Studios can Help You

What our users say...

Customer relationship management is much more efficient than the previous system we worked with.

The system is easy to use we have lots of staff as designated users for a wide range of applications. It does everything that we need it to do. Easy PQQ is an effective tool to help the business develop and track leads and business relationships.The response from the Propeller support team is always quick and efficient and we are pleased to note that some of our system improvement suggestions have been introduced.