Technical Support

Dedicated Customer Support

The EasyPQQ support helpdesk includes highly-trained staff who are available to help by phone or email during standard office hours. We are here to assist with any issues including guidance and advice on settings and usage of the system.

Our technical support team is on hand to help with any issue or question you may have. 

Customer Care

We pride ourselves on a consistently high standard of supporting services. Customer care surveys are conducted every year and the results from these surveys form one part of our ongoing software and service roadmap and evaluation.

Built-in error reporting 

The EasyPQQ system has a built-in error reporting feature. This means that our team are notified of issues often before it has been reported. Because of this, you can rest assured any errors will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, producing as little disruption as possible.

Covered Out of Hours

You and your team can use EasyPQQ at any time, day or night, and our watchful 'Pandora' exception notification system continually monitors activity so that senior members of the programming team are alerted if there is any interruption of system processes.

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