Unique Offer, Common Challenges

Every sector is unique, but theThe specialist sector covers a wide variety of sub-sectors, from agriculture, to energy, to defence. These specialists usually have very specific requirements, which is why we work with you to understand your needs. need to bid for work and the challenges associated with this are common across many different industries.

And while the end contracts will differ, the process of submissions and proving why your company is more suitable to provide a product, solution or service are consistent across sectors.

We have companies from a broad range of sectors that use EasyPQQ's system to streamline their bid processes. These include asbestos removal companies, testing laboratories, recruitment consultants, blood tracking service providers, aviation services providers, bomb disposal companies, playground equipment suppliers, environmental consultants, removal and storage companies and many more.

EasyPQQ is designed to complement any business' needs in any sector, no matter the size of the company or the number of clients it services.


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The software is simple to use and everything is set out in an easy to find format. The team on hand to assist are very helpful and friendly.