The specialist sector covers a wide variety of sub-sectors, from agriculture, to energy, to defence. These specialists usually have very specific requirements, which is why we work with you to understand your needs.

Differentiating bid submissions in the Specialist  Sector

The Specialist Sector presents a number of unique operational challenges that can significantly impact on tendering processes and procedures.

Increased competitiveness from suppliers means that bid writers need to differentiate tender submissions not just on price, but also on other distinctive factors such as over-and-above value, delivery deadlines, adherence to numerous regulatory requirements, use of the latest technologies, ability to retain clarity throughout the tendering process and other factors.

Some of the unique challenges faced by bid writers in the specialist sector include:

  • Smaller specialist businesses may not always have access to as much information as corporate businesses, particularly easy access to information from previous projects
  • Specialist teams may not have as many resources to hand, for example human resources, infrastructure, technology, budgets and so forth

For example, Ministry of Defence (MOD) tenders are very procedural and time-consuming, with each tender having to demonstrate value that goes beyond the specification. 

Within Public Sector tenders, the demand for services that optimise cash collection is at an all-time high, and with it the increase in Debt Collection Tenders.

And small specialist sectors, such as the printing industry, tend to have smaller budgets which require smart money management to extract the most value.

There is also increased competitiveness because specialist services often consist of several small and mid-size companies all offering a range of services. With such a highly-skilled and specialist workforce, competition is high to win bids.

Unique sector, common challenges

Despite the unique nature of the Specialist Sector, the challenges faced by Bid Writers to prove why their company is the most suitable choice have much in common with other sectors.

These include:

  • Stringent deadlines require teams to be organised and prepared. This can be even more challenging when dealing with geographically disparate teams.
  • Bid writers deal with a variety of people from multiple disciplines, and depend heavily on other departments, including technical, finance and legal. Allocation of resources therefore needs to be planned, monitored and optimised to ensure that all teams and systems used throughout the process know exactly what their role is. 
  • Secure document storage and sharing is critical, and especially challenging when dealing with multiple contributors, document versions, formats and sources.
  • Maintaining consistent branding, style and quality across a tender document
  • Navigating documents to find information quickly and easily 

Use EasyPQQ to streamline the process

We have companies from a broad range of sectors that use EasyPQQ to streamline their bid processes.

These include asbestos removal companies, testing laboratories, recruitment consultants, blood tracking service providers, aviation services providers, bomb disposal companies, playground equipment suppliers, environmental consultants, removal and storage companies and many more.

EasyPQQ is designed to complement any business's needs in any sector, no matter the size of the company or the number of clients it services.

EasyPQQ gives users a competitive advantage by offering core features for document creation, storage, sharing, editing and more – save time, improve quality, deliver on deadline.


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