Simple Licencing Model

Simple Pricing Model that Grows with Usage

Clients who use EasyPQQ tend to stay with us! Our simple 'per seat' licencing model allows your organisation to introduce the EasyPQQ system to key users who are best placed to get the most benefit from the system while gauging its effectiveness.

Our implementation process is customised specifically towards your organisation and can be tailored to specific departments or individuals so that the process of adopting a new system can be staggered.

Enterprise Licence

You can opt to implement the EasyPQQ system across your organisation or department in a 'clean sweep' and this has the benefit of ensuring all users are trained at the same time and can collaborate on documents immediately.

We have an enterprise licencing option that takes effect once the number of your users reaches a 'ceiling' level of licences and this enables any number of concurrent users to work on the system.


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