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EasyPQQ’s unique intelligent search engine is a powerful tool that helps you to find anything that has been stored and allows you to reuse it easily. The bids software can even suggest responses for an entire PQQ or tender document based on your previous answers.

Easily Find Any Answer

EasyPQQ is great for storing all of your data and it's even better when it’s so easy and simple to find it. EasyPQQ automatically indexes your responses and document uploads. This means that even when uploading Word documents or PDFs, the data is all indexed. This allows our powerful search algorithm to retrieve the information quickly, accurately and efficiently regardless of the file type.

Powerful Search

The search engine has a tolerance for spelling mistakes and contextual logic. This means you are likely to find what you are looking for first time. When looking for a very specific answer you can filter by up to 10 parameters. 

Artificial Intelligence

The search engine uses artificial intelligence to progressively rank all of your data over time. It learns which answers that you and your team use most often to offer those responses first. It can even consider how successful the answer has been in previous documents.


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