Creating simplicity for bid responses in the complex and broad Property Sector

The property sector presents numerous challenges when it comes to managing and submitting bids, most notably because of the vast variety of tenders that are presented from both the Government (local authorities and housing associations), and the private sector.

Adding to the complexity, the extension of the Government’s ‘Help to Buy scheme’ until 2023 will continue to drive low interest rates which will, in turn, help maintain demand for new-build homes post-Brexit.

This does, however, create more confusion around which bids contractors have the capability and capacity to bid for.

Other considerations that contrators need to take into account include:

  • the variety of sub-sectors for which service are required, including planning, council housing, grounds maintenance and landlord services.
  • a diverse and oftentimes complex range of bid requirements and specifications, many of which are subject to regulatory and compliance standards

Added to this, Bid Writers also have to consider:

  • Stringent deadlines require teams to be organised and prepared. This can be even more challenging when dealing with geographically disparate teams.
  • Bid writers deal with a variety of people from multiple disciplines, and depend heavily on other departments, including technical, finance and legal. Allocation of resources therefore needs to be planned, monitored and optimised to ensure that all teams and systems used throughout the process know exactly what their role is. 
  • Secure document storage and sharing is critical, and especially challenging when dealing with multiple contributors, document versions, formats and sources.
  • Maintaining consistent branding, style and quality across a tender document
  • Navigating documents to find information quickly and easily 

Use EasyPQQ to streamline the process

We have companies from a broad range of sectors that use EasyPQQ to streamline their bid processes.

EasyPQQ is designed to complement any business's needs in any sector, no matter the size of the company or the number of clients it services.

EasyPQQ gives users a competitive advantage by offering core features for document creation, storage, sharing, editing and more – save time, improve quality, deliver on deadline. 

Specifically, EasyPQQ provides Bid Writers tools that allow them:

  • Time saving with no compromise on quality with features including intelligent natural language and AI searchability
  • Easy transference of data from previous documents to avoid re-writing unnecessarily
  • Easy collaboration between the various contributors to the process
  • Cost-effective support
  • Simple integration with existing systems
  • Automated document generation including NDAs, IP agreements and more

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