Manufacturing & Engineering

Multiple benefits for diverse teams across the entire sector

The Manufacturing and Engineering sector is the third largest in terms of numbers of opportunities issued via the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) notices in the UK.

On average, almost 10,000 notices are issued every year, and a number of our clients are major contributors within the sector.

Frequently companies within this sector have numerous sites, offices and teams spread out across different locations globally, which presents a challenge in terms of managing quality responses, tracking business leads and managing relationships with potential and existing clients.

EasyPQQ is the ideal system to help businesses within the sector – especially those with large teams and multiple contributors to RFP submissions, bid writing and project management responsibilities – achieve consistent quality across their submissions.

Intuitive management of submission processes

EasyPQQ gives users multiple benefits, including:

  • allowing several contributors from different locations within a company's team to work simultaneously on a document without duplicating work.
  • storing high-quality response documents from previous submissions to help streamline new submission processes, and preventing teams from rewriting responses that have already been developed.
  • previously completed documents can be replicated and amended quickly and easily, saving time and maintaining quality.
  • creating a central library of documents and reference points, ensuring that only up-to-date information is used in new submissions.
  • developing a central database of responses from multiple contributors within an organisation, allowing new submissions to be based on the latest and most appropriate response for that specific requirement. 
  • a notification system for identifying when certificates are about to expire.

Streamlined efficiency from start to finish

EasyPQQ allows bids to be tracked throughout the entire process, with an easy-to-use dashboard giving up-to-date visual indicators of progress on each of the submission requirements.

Once a submission has been completed and is ready to be sent, EasyPQQ produces a professional document ready for presentation to your client.

EasyPQQ is an affordable system, no matter the size of your organisation, giving you an intuitive, professional way to manage your bid submissions. 

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