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Legal services are covered by the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), and a very significant volume of opportunities exists both for public and private sector contracts.

From working closely with our legal users, we understand the challenges faced in managing and creating often very large and complicated documents and tenders. EasyPQQ has been developed to provide a specialist solution for the legal sector.

Many legal services providers use EasyPQQ. For example, one of the UK's largest and most respected law firms, specialising in everything from personal injury claims and family law to real estate and corporate law, uses EasyPQQ principally to respond to pre-qualification documents, proposals and tenders.

Its clients include police forces and large corporate organisations. The law firm finds the partner profile feature of particular relevance as it lets users update all documents from a central location, allowing them to be introduced into any document with the certainty that the most accurate and up-to-date information is available.

EasyPQQ offers legal users a range of significant benefits, including...

Time Saving with no compromise on quality

Law firms always need to invest a significant portion of their time and turnover to managing strategic tenders and undertaking research to build targeted messages and maximise client wins. More importantly, for fee earners, writing bids and tenders is time consuming, hard to get right and costly if the work isn't won. The stakes are high in the legal sector, and the pressure is felt by many legal workers. Clients are being more picky with their choice of legal teams. Also, new procurement models are making it harder for lawyers to win work in competitive environments. EasyPQQ gives legal teams the best chance of winning work and engaging clients.

Easy Collaboration across the entire chain

With all parts of the team being incredibly busy, bid writing can sometimes take a back seat with some of the senior managers. Working with EasyPQQ helps to motivate all team members, such as partners, to update their work and complete their assignments on time.

Research advantage through searchability

Finding information on a previous client or particular case is made easier with EasyPQQ, significantly reducing the research time usually needed for high profile projects. EasyPQQ has intelligent search functionality that gives legal teams the edge when every second counts.

Cost-effective IT support

When the financial crash in 2008 occurred, law firms cut down spending to core infrastructure, and in particular IT departments took a big hit. Since then, many firms now need to reinvest in infrastructure projects, with around 80% identifying this as their top priority – to upgrade or implement new systems. EasyPQQ offers a cost-effective and highly-efficient management tool to complement new system upgrades. 

Managing diverse and dispersed teams

The increasing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) within the workplace, combined with an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed workforce, presents a range of new challenges. The adoption of BYOD can reduce costs significantly, giving fee-earners the opportunity to work remotely from any location, without any negative impact on productivity. Running in parallel, an increasing number of firms are using temporary staff to augment contracted salaried staff. EasyPQQ makes managing these diverse and dispersed workforce far easier.

Integration and adaptability through EasyPQQ versatility

The impact of technology on work has seen humans and machines collaborate, manual tasks become automated, agility become the norm, and traditional career paths change. In the legal sector, this disruption presents vast challenges as firms struggle to move from traditional hierarchies, manual research requirements, time-based billing models and other set ways of operating, into tech-empowered models fit for the future. EasyPQQ integrates easily into automated systems, giving users versatility as their other platforms evolve.

Natural Language & Artificial Intelligence for highly-effective data indexing and search

Natural language machine learning tools help legal firms to access background documents and case studies quicker because they look beyond keywords and understand meaning, which can help to speed up research and bring more accuracy. Easy PQQ uses a natural language engine and machine learning to progressively rank your data over time to surface the right information faster.

Automated document generation for improved accuracy, efficiency & time-saving

There has never been a higher demand for non-disclosure and intellectual property agreements, so being able to prepare automated document generation will free up time for the other more vital services law firms can provide. EasyPQQ includes tools that create text to help to write contracts, such as standard non-disclosure agreements or commercial contracts, improving accuracy and consistency, and alleviating repetition for lawyers.


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