Project Management

As part of the implementation, you will have a dedicated project manager that coordinates with you and the EasyPQQ team to deliver a smooth delivery of the new software.

During the initial consultation, key objectives for you and your team are identified and we work with you to accomplish the following stages:

  • Population of document / knowledge library
  • Application of system settings in line with your working practices and staff
  • Setup of branded template documents
  • Software training using 'real life' examples

Document Library

The EasyPQQ team set up a number of key collateral documents/content and show you how to import content from a variety of files. We will demonstrate how this content can be found and then added to documents using the powerful search engine.

Document Templates and Branding

There are many ‘out of the box’ styles to apply to documents, and Propeller Studios has in-house designers for any custom requirements. Various elements of the document are covered by the style sheet including headers, titles, tables, body text and footers.

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