NHS Contracts

The National Health Service (NHS) is the second largest proponent of public sector spending within the UK.

The total spend is made up of a diverse range of service offerings, and EasyPQQ provides a solution for many NHS suppliers competing within the sector.

One EasyPQQ user is a consultant and medical facilities construction specialist. It is a values-driven organisation built on a shared belief that developing successful healthcare premises is an investment that underpins the delivery of effective patient-centric care.

The company is passionate about using its knowledge and expertise to deliver quality, custom-designed projects to meet the needs and aspirations of multiple commercial and community stakeholders.

EasyPQQ provides a platform for the company's development teams to access knowledge gained in completing over 50 projects from multiple separate geographical locations. The teams often use other office’s case studies and responses, easily accessible through EasyPQQ, to provide the basis for their proposals and other responses.


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What our users say...

We have won more PQQs since having this system because of how well the system keeps all the information needed all together and the end result is brilliant.