The Healthcare sector presents a number of challenges for those bidding to win tenders. The sector is diverse, with numerous sub-sectors that, although may look similar on the surface, are significantly different in reality.

For example, supported living and assisted living may sound like the same thing, but the reality is that both offer a range of widely-differing services.

Some examples of the type of contracts typically found in the healthcare sector include:

  • management and operation of healthcare facilities
  • supplying in- and out-patient services
  • care in the community
  • supply of specialist and general equipment, support staff, clinical staff, catering, sanitation and waste disposal, transport and other services.

Added complexity

Health and Welfare contracts are also affected by processes and procedures governed by Local Authorities, Police and Crime Commissioners, Border Force and Community Rehabilitation Companies.

This often means that within the bidding process, the following requirements need to be met:

  • Compliance with the Social Value Act
  • Delivering value for money
  • Staff training and management
  • Clinical excellence and standards
  • Information governance and protecting patient confidentiality

Ongoing challenges

The Health and Welfare sector is subject to a number of challenges, the most perennial of which is budget constraints.

Added to financial pressure, the following factors have a significant impact on staff involved with bid preparation:

  • Workforce shortages
  • Increased workload
  • Rising stress levels
  • Lack of time to focus on the future growth of the business, which includes getting involved in bid preparations to secure extra work and funding

Once contracts are secured, the persons involved often find there is a lack of availability of staff and other resources to deliver the services.

And because commissioning, bid writing and procuring services is a small part of the RCGP curriculum, most new doctors don’t understand these processes and often have to learn in their own time.

Specifically, some of the challenges they face in bid preparation include:

  • Maintaining consistent branding, style, numbering and formatting
  • Duplication or overwriting of work in an untraceable manner
  • Navigating documents to find information easily and quickly
  • Safe and secure storage

EasyPQQ provides simple, cost-effective solutions for healthcare professionals

EasyPQQ offers users numerous features to simplify the preparation, management, submission and tracking of bid documents. 

The benefits include:

  • Time saving with no compromise on quality with features including intelligent natural language and AI searchability
  • Easy transference of data from previous documents to avoid re-writing unnecessarily
  • Easy collaboration between the various contributors to the process
  • Cost-effective support
  • Simple integration with existing systems
  • Automated document generation including NDAs, IP agreements and more

NHS Contracts

The National Health Service (NHS) is the second largest proponent of public sector spending within the UK.

The total spend is made up of a diverse range of service offerings, and EasyPQQ provides a solution for many NHS suppliers competing within the sector.

One EasyPQQ user is a consultant and medical facilities construction specialist. It is a values-driven organisation built on a shared belief that developing successful healthcare premises is an investment that underpins the delivery of effective patient-centric care.

The company is passionate about using its knowledge and expertise to deliver quality, custom-designed projects to meet the needs and aspirations of multiple commercial and community stakeholders.

EasyPQQ provides a platform for the company's development teams to access knowledge gained in completing over 50 projects from multiple separate geographical locations. The teams often use other office’s case studies and responses, easily accessible through EasyPQQ, to provide the basis for their proposals and other responses.

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