EasyPQQ is proven to reduce time taken to complete pre-qualification and tender documents.

It allows teams to work on documents from remote locations whilst building a comprehensive company knowledge base. Cloud based, secure, fast, reliable, and cost effective.

Smart indexing empowers any staff member to quickly access and retrieve text for authoring all types of documents.

The key features are as follows:

Document Management

A host of tools and features allow documents to be answered by diverse contributors working at remote locations. A simple traffic light system indicates which answers have been completed and reviewed.

Authoring System

Styles can be universally applied to documents to follow brand guidelines. Upon completion, the application automatically compiles documents with contents page, numbering, sections and appendix. This makes complex document authoring simple and fast.

Project Management

Scheduling tools and alerts keep bid managers fully aware of team deadlines and progress. Production timelines can be shared and viewed by the entire bid team.

Advanced Search

The search function provides significant time savings by matching question text with answers generated in previous documents. Our unique search engine contains a unique AI algorithm to deliver the most appropriate match for any question being searched upon.

Model Answers

Senior bid writing staff can produce model answers to commonly asked questions. Model answers always come to the top of the search list. This provides the entire team with information to improve the quality of bids.

CVs & Case Studies

Store a comprehensive database of your CV’s and Case Studies. These can be attached to bid documents and proposals at the click of a button.

Collateral and Evidence

Standard supporting documentation such as company accounts, ISO accreditations, H&S accreditations and insurances are required for most bids and tenders. EasyPQQ provides a central repository for easy attachment to proposals and bid portals. The system also provides warnings when documents will expire and require updating.

Previous Answers

We provide the ability to upload any number of previously completed documents to populate the search engine. We include uploading 10 past documents for you as part of your implementation process, along with training to upload your own documents in the future.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

You can easily manage two factor authentications for staff members to ensure the security of your knowledge base.

Communications & Messaging

A range of email alerts and reports are available to keep everyone up to date with progress on documents. The system also includes messaging functionality available to all team members working on a document. This facilitates collaboration and the exchange of comments or other information to support the authoring process.

Bid Formats

EasyPQQ provides solutions to respond to questionnaires in:

  • Branded format exported as Word or print ready PDF
  • Inserted into the clients original document
  • Excel format

Comprehensive Security

A robust security module allows each user to be set up with granular access to features and functions. Users can be tied to specific IP addresses for enhanced security of your company knowledge base.

Continuous Development

The application has been consistently developed during the last decade to improve its capabilities based upon user feedback, client requested changes and innovation from the development team. These processes are embedded within our development road map.

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