Can I access EasyPQQ when I am not in the office?

Yes. The EasyPQQ system is completely web-based and allows you to work on documents from anywhere that has an internet connection. See our Cloud Based information page for more info.


Will my documents be secure?

Yes. Very. We are ISO 27001 accredited which covers information security management. Security is a major feature of the EasyPQQ system and you can find out more on our dedicated Security page.


How many documents can be stored in the document library?

We have yet to find a limit with any of our clients! In theory, this is limitless and not simply storage of outbound documents such as tenders but also peripheral documents such as CVs and case studies.


How much time can I save?

It is difficult to give a ‘one size fits all answer’ to this, however, our research with existing clients indicates time savings of up to 90% for simpler documents and 60% - 80% for more complex documents such as tender responses. Our page on Saving Time gives some examples of where EasyPQQ typically reduces workload.


Is EasyPQQ suitable for any business/organisation?

If you produce the same type of document on a regular basis, EasyPQQ will help. Our clients can use the system to create all manner of documents beside sales-related ones including user guides, policies, marketing materials etc.


How many colleagues can work on documents at the same time?

This depends upon the workflow rules in place as part of the Process Management for your types of document. Sometimes, you will want only one person to move a document forward at a particular point while at other times, multiple collaborators can be accommodated.


Do you offer support 24-7?

We operate typical UK office hours for telephone or email support, however, we have a number of monitoring systems in place so that our clients can access the system at any time. See our Technical Support page for more details.


Can I use it to brand all my company documents to keep consistency across the organisation?

Yes. It depends upon how many documents you wish to manage within EasyPQQ. Some of our clients use EasyPQQ for a repository for all manner of documents, not just those created on a case by case basis. Since formatting can be applied universally or by document type, the system is flexible enough to cope with most documents.


Do I import my documents or do you?

As part of the Implementation phase, we can help import known documents, however, the easy-to-use features for importing files and content can be used continuously by you as and when you need.


Will you design our branded documents or do I?

We make sure that you know how to apply branding to your documents in a consistent manner and can advise on additional branding requirements through our design services division.


Can I see the status of the projects?

Yes. Furthermore, you are able to set up statuses within the EasyPQQ system to mimic your own unique processes for document creation. The intuitive dashboard provides a clear, visual display of your document statuses.


What do you mean by ‘search engine’ and how does this work?

While perhaps not on quite the same scale as Google, our inbuilt search engine works along similar principles by providing an intelligently ordered list of potential files or content excerpts, for your document, based upon your search terms. Factors such as popularity (previous usage) and keyword density affect the results. Our Search Engine page provides some more information.


How long is the training process?

Training takes place on-site (your company). The format is dependent on the type of users you require. Training is specific to users’ requirements. Typically training takes place over a 4 to 5 hour period. A User Guide Manual is made available.


What is the ceiling level for licences before enterprise licence is introduced?

The Enterprise Licence is linked to your company turnover. As part of our consultative sales process, you will be advised as to the most cost-effective option available.


Can the dashboard be personalised?

Yes. Through the System Security it is possible to show only tabs you wish to have made available to different users. Equally you are able to arrange the tab positions as well as alter the title to suit your own ‘vocabulary’.


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