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Building on Existing Data

Most standard documents, for example pre-qualification questionnaires, may differ from tender to tender, but often contain similar requirements e.g. ISO certification, examples of similar jobs, insurance information etc.

The EasyPQQ document library doesn't just store your files for collaborative access, but together with the powerful search engine system, ensures that you and your team can find the most relevant, most up-to-date examples quickly and easily. Document management and collaboration has never been so easy!


Employee CVs are very important to pre-qualification type documents, as companies often want to know about the people who will be engaged in the job they're tendering for.

EasyPQQ can read excerpts from within library documents so that key people can be identified for roles, and have their CVs seamlessly and intelligently collated within the main document.

Case Studies & Evidence

These are all important elements of document submissions. EasyPQQ has dedicated modules to create and store multiple versions of each in a standard format that is indexed so that the right version can be found easily and inserted into the document. Key factors such as job size, type and industry sector allow relevant information to be supplied every time.

Policy & Certification Documents

All of your regularly-used policy and certification documents can be stored within EasyPQQ allowing you to easily attach them to your submissions. Reminders can be set up to alert you of expiry dates, so that you can ensure your documents remain current and you don’t submit outdated versions.


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