Document Collaboration

Real-Time Collaborative Approach

Certain files may not lend themselves to collaboration by multiple users which can result in files getting locked and versions applied on an arbitrary basis, causing confusion later in the process. 

EasyPQQ makes collaborative working on files such as questionnaires possible, simple and efficient. Even in spreadsheet format, you can create new documents in the system and manage multiple users. EasyPQQ even handles multiple sheets.

Our real-time collaborative approach to document editing means everyone is editing the latest version which reduces confusion and complications for team members. 

Collaboration Between Roles

Most bid teams contain the following resource areas (although depending on the size of your organisation, some of these may be carried out by the same person):

  • Author
  • Reviewer
  • Approver
  • Administrator
  • Bid Manager

Using a combination of alerts, permissions, management tools and publishing options, the EasyPQQ tender management system allows any number of individuals to work seamlessly on a complex document.

Multiple Locations

EasyPQQ is cloud-based, which means that members of your team can work on a submission or online document concurrently and from separate geographical locations.

Ensures Business Continuity

Sometimes key people in your organisation move on, leaving a void of knowledge and information which can be detrimental. For larger companies, this may have less impact, but for smaller companies trying to plug the knowledge gap or map the resource, the path can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. Previous work may be stored on a network drive somewhere, but if no one else knows what's in there or how to find it, then it's as good as gone.

EasyPQQ ensures business continuity by keeping all the knowledge within the business and providing a powerful search engine to allow you to find it!


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