Professional Consultancy Services

Consultants play a vital role in supporting a variety of businesses across many sectors ranging from manufacturing to marketing. 

Consultants offer a range of services including streamlining processes,  delivering projects on time and budget, sourcing and delivering resources, managing teams and more. 

But consultants face many challenges, including:

  • Managing resource allocation
  • Reducing stress on overburdened resources
  • Maximising their client’s investment whilst balancing costs
  • Focusing on profitability
  • Analysing and augmenting teams to leverage more opportunities
  • Inheriting legacy systems that often include an over-reliance on document and file repositories, excel spreadsheets, whiteboards and email trails
  • Lacking technology to improve efficiency
  • Working with clients in a wide range of geographical locations
  • Keeping pace with new, agile ways of working
  • Maintaining system security and vigilance against cybercrime
  • Retaining trust throughout challenging processes and changes

Added to the above challenges, Consultants also need systems that help them manage document creation, sharing, updating, storage and security.

With multiple contributors, it can be difficult to keep track of versions, and other challenges include:

  • Maintaining consistent branding, style, numbering and formatting
  • Duplication or overwriting of work in an untraceable manner
  • Navigating documents to find information easily and quickly
  • Safe and secure storage

Use EasyPQQ to alleviate numerous challenges

EasyPQQ is already used by many consultant organisations both nationally and internationally to solve many of the issues around document creation, management, storage and security.

For example, one of the UK’s most prestigious professional services providers that specialises in building surveying, cost management, programme management, project management, project controls and asset management has used EasyPQQ for over four years.

EasyPQQ is used as a centralised knowledge base and reference tool for the entire company’s business development teams across Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia.

Another large user of the solution is a multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy and corporate approved inspector. The firm provides professional services in all aspects of environment planning and development, buildings and infrastructure, compliance and sustainability. It has over 300 employees operating out of thirteen UK offices.

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