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One of the major challenges within the Construction sector is managing and preparing PQQ and ITT submissions, and construction project tenders. 

Due to the nature of the sector, Construction companies oftentimes have multiple submissions in process, and managing these especially across diverse teams in multiple locations can present a number of challenges including a lack of in-house experience or capacity, maintaining up-to-date responses, duplication of work and consistency of quality across the submission documents.

EasyPQQ was initially designed specifically for the Construction industry, and is the ideal system for the creation and collaboration of your bids, tenders, and other documents.

With the intelligent search engine feature, you will save time; time that you can better use to focus on winning contracts.

Access previous submissions quickly

EasyPQQ, bid management software that improves document collaboration and efficiency, has developed a unique intelligent search engine.

It is a powerful tool that finds your previous work in seconds. The powerful feature uses Artificial Intelligence to tailor your experience based on previous work, as it ranks all your data over time. Features of the software include:

  • Data storage and automatically indexing responses and document uploads
  • A search algorithm that retrieves information quickly, accurately and efficiently
  • A search tolerance for spelling mistakes and contextual logic
  • Ranking your data over time to suggest responses, potentially for an entire tender document

All your knowledge from previous submissions can be accessed quickly thanks to our unique intelligent search engine saving up to 60% of the time needed for each submission.

EasyPQQ helps your team by providing a:

  • document library, central database of documents and reference points for staff to use in their submissions
  • multiple user access from a range of off-site and on-site locations in real time
  • central administrator function to help streamline management of multiple submissions
  • branded documents for a consistent look and feel, and a professional submission document for presentation to your clients
  • a project management tool and dashboard to help allocate tasks and responsibilities throughout the document creation process
  • a storage facility for standard certificates and accreditations that are monitored for expiry to ensure that these documents are always up-to-date

Centralised resources across multiple sub-divisions

EasyPQQ can be applied to numerous divisions within the Construction sector, including

  • Asbestos removal and testing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Education and Training Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Gas Servicing
  • Highways
  • Residential Construction & Social Housing
  • Maintenance
  • Professional Services 
  • Railways 

Our clients range from the very large (two top 10 PLCs) to smaller SMEs with a turnover of less than £5m.

One major user of EasyPQQ is a well-known national contractor with a turnover in excess of £1bn. This company uses EasyPQQ as a national knowledge base and repository for CVs and case studies, in addition to drafting all pre-qualification and tender documents.

Construction sector customers that have benefitted from EasyPQQ include Anglian Building Products, JBW Group, Thorn Baker, Dodd Group and Pick Everard.

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