Compliance Management Software

Compliance Management Software is essential to track regulatory feeds and map regulations with policies to protect your business. As compliance management is a constantly changing landscape, your software solution must be able to improve operational efficiency in your organisation.

The EasyPQQ software has been developed from real customer use cases and years of expertise in the industry. It is designed to help:

  • your business comply with legal requirements,
  • maximise efficiency and save time throughout all stages of creation,
  • management and distribution of documents.

EasyPQQ helps your business conform to specifications, policies, standards, laws and rules ensuring you’re operating under the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Secure Company Knowledgebase

EasyPQQ allows you strict control over what users can see and do. This helps protect your company knowledgebase in secure areas whilst providing access to colleagues, professionals and subcontractors to make their contribution to submissions. EasyPQQ also maintains a comprehensive audit trail of who did what and when.

Document Library

Save time and effort by storing frequently-accessed documents in a dedicated document library for easy access as and when you need them, speeding up the time it takes to create new documents.

Team Collaboration

There are many benefits to online team collaboration such as continuity, a joint effort on difficult documents, and the ability to access documents from multiple locations. However, arguably, the main benefits are speed and efficiency across the team.

EasyPQQ Dashboard

The EasyPQQ dashboard gives you full visibility of your compliance management. Easily manage processes whether working alone or overseeing a team. Assign writers and reviewers to questions and tasks, allocate deadlines, issue reports and set reminders.


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