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The financial sector is always evolving, and with it comes perpetual changes to financial technology. 

Financial industry professionals face a number of challenges, including remaining competitive, retaining customers, staying on top of industry regulatory changes, the aforementioned technological evolutions and developments, and more.

Added to this are IT-based challenges, including:

  • Cybersecurity threats – security and risk management
  • IT infrastructure and expertise
  • Limited IT budgets
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Transitioning to digital
  • Managing remote workers
  • Creating secure networks
  • Responding to due diligence questionnaires (DDQ), client questionnaires and RFPs 

EasyPQQ is already used by many financial organisations both nationally and internationally to solve many of the issues around document creation, management, storage and security.

Using EasyPQQ means solving the challenges that come with multiple contributors, on complex documents and proposals. EasyPQQ allows users to manage the following:

  • Maintaining consistent branding, style, numbering and formatting
  • Avoiding duplication or overwriting of work in an untraceable manner
  • Navigating documents to find information easily and quickly
  • Safe and secure storage

Price/Quality Comparison

In this sector, selection criteria are typically based on a price/quality comparison, so authoring professional submissions plays a vital role in determining which companies are awarded the contracts.

EasyPQQ fills this vital role for many financial sector users. One particular client offers pension and benefit consulting, actuarial and wealth management services. They use EasyPQQ to produce proposals, bids and tenders created by authors based in multiple offices across the UK to deliver to a wide range of clients.

The benefit of a cloud-based bid management system that is accessible from all office locations was immediately evident to the national proposals manager, as teams across all locations can now work on the same document concurrently while the process is managed from head office.


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