Using Technology to Reduce the Stress of Bid Writing

posted on: 12th November 2020 by EasyPQQ

More and more bid managers are turning to bid management software for their tenders, but a lot of companies still haven’t made the leap. Change can be daunting, but when technology can improve the efficiency of a company, it is the best decision an organisation can make.

We have listed some of the most common bid writing mistakes and challenges, and how technology can correct them and make bid writers’ lives easier!


Working from home? Help!

The biggest challenge this year, of course, has been the pandemic. With the mandatory calls to work from home, for some companies, this was a logistical nightmare. Bid collaboration is easier in an office… or is it?

Tech Solution

Bid management software solutions are often cloud-based, so work can be accessed anywhere with a solid internet connection. So, for the foreseeable future, while everyone is working remotely, be rest assured that business can continue as normal with a solid bid management solution.


Losing track of important documents

Have you ever tried looking for a previous tender, knowing that it has some golden nuggets that will help you win your next bid? Have you not been able to find it, because it has gone MIA in the labyrinth that is your company’s intranet filing system?

Tech Solution

Unfortunately, filing systems are only useful if they are properly organised and all staff understand the structure. By using a digital bid document library, bid document organisation suddenly becomes a lot easier. Bid management software comes with an inbuilt document repository, allowing you to populate the system with your documents in the most efficient way possible.


Issues of timing

All businesses struggle with time management, especially when it comes to bid writing. This can have a detrimental effect on the outcome of your bids. Deadlines are the driving force behind bid completion, but even the best planner can fall behind.

Tech Solution

In bid management software, you can set reminders and notifications for your staff to keep them on track. This can be done within the system, and they can receive emails directly from the task manager to ensure they are keeping up. Auto-population of previous bids is another clever way of saving time with bid management tools. These solutions can save you up to 80% of submission time!


Lack of resource

Bid teams often find themselves under-resourced, both in terms of people and time. Some companies may only have one person working on a bid, which can isolate the writer and reduce the success of a bid, purely because the rest of the team is also maxed out and can’t put their input in too.

Tech Solution

Bid management software allows for collaborative working at the same time, allowing managers to have input without anyone having to wait around. Bid management software acts as another bid manager, by giving the writer the structure in which to complete the bid.


Lack of standard bid management processes

Without a robust bid management process, your bids will suffer as a result due to the lack of structure.

Tech Solution

Bid management technology can take the headache out of the internal office procedures. This sort of technology often comes with a series of set processes, which can be implemented seamlessly into your company’s working style.


Juggling multiple bids

Without a cohesive management system, storing bid information on an excel sheet (or even worse, on paper) will mean that important things slip through the cracks. This is especially important when it comes to managing multiple bids at once. So, what is the solution?

Tech Solution

Bid management tools provide a dashboard to visually show you the status of your bids.


Not standing out

Scorers will be looking at all the bids in the competition but making sure you are at the top is important. When your bid blends in, your competitors will have a stronger chance of winning.

Tech Solution

Bid management tools often have optimised graphics and stylised templates embedded. These will help differentiate your bids and make them stand out. By supporting your documents with infographics, subheadings, and other stylised options, you will have the competitive edge, as well as saving on a design cost.


Compliance checks

Not checking if you meet the compliance requirements of a certain tender can disqualify you before you even get started. When starting the tendering process, it is vital to read and match the specification for compliance requirements, which include holding certain policies, having a certain turnover etc, making sure your public liability is up to date etc.

Tech Solution

Bid management tools keep you compliant, as they allow you to store all the compliance documentation within the system. This allows for easy access and quick checking, which in turn will make it easier to ascertain whether it is worth your organisation going for that bid or not.


Copying and pasting previous bids

Reusing parts of old bids can be a useful starting point for future bids, but it is important to review, amend, and make sure the old client’s details are removed. The whole thing should not be copied and pasted, and markers can often tell when a document has been recycled.

Tech Solution

Bid management tools allow you to find and review previous answers, as well as find ‘model answers’ in your system. This will aid you further in your ability to complete to the bid to the highest standard. These management systems usually come with an inbuilt document repository and internal search engine, which allows you to find certain documents in a matter of seconds.



Bid management software will improve your internal bid processes and help you correct these common mistakes that are so common in the bid writing community.

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Use Technology to Reduce the Stress of Bid Writing
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