Use EasyPQQ to Close The Gap During Covid-19

posted on: 24th March 2020 by EasyPQQ

Use EasyPQQ to close the gap during Covid-19

As the Covid-19 crisis deepens and the country (and much of the world) enters into a lockdown state, it has become absolutely critical for businesses to find alternative ways of working remotely, keeping their teams connected and being able to deliver as many of their services as possible.

For teams involved in creating bid submissions, the lockdown state doesn’t mean they cannot be proactive and continue to complete the various tender-related documents and requirements.

The challenges, however, are very real - oftentimes tender submission teams are quite large, with multiple contributors from different locations taking responsibility for one or more sections within the required submission.

These contributors need to access various pieces of information, complete various parts of the submission document, communicate effectively with other team members to keep them updated on progress, and monitor overall progress as the submission takes shape.

EasyPQQ features close the geographical gap

Helping multiple contributors close the physical gap - especially during times of self-isolation - is one of the main advantages EasyPQQ offers its users.

EasyPQQ is cloud-based, and through a range of tools delivered within the intuitive interface, multiple contributors are concurrently able to create and edit branded documents in real-time from any location with tracked authoring, find previous submission documents and answers fast and easily for re-use within the current submission and store new submission documents in an easily-accessible repository.

EasyPQQ uses a powerful AI-driven Search Engine, a highly-resourceful document library and process management features to work collaboratively, efficiently and responsibly on bid submissions.

Project management made simple

EasyPQQ gives team leaders and bid submission project managers the tools to manage their teams’ submissions simply and effectively, no matter the location of the team.

  • Assign and monitor writers and reviewers to specific tasks
  • Monitor progress and track changes
  • Set deadlines, with reports and reminders
  • Keep full visibility through the visual progress dashboard

The team at EasyPQQ is on hand to give advice and assistance during this challenging time for businesses. Get in touch with us for more information either by email or via our website.

We’re here to help!


Use EasyPQQ to Close The Gap During Covid-19
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