A Successful Annual Review for EasyPQQ

posted on: 18th February 2019 by EasyPQQ

I believe it is a rare occurrence nowadays for a company to genuinely set aside a day to which its clients are invited to hear what plans are in the pipeline, let alone an opportunity to voice their criticisms, challenges, suggestions and ideas for the future. Perhaps that is a measure of the relationship Propeller Studios has with its clients and the value it places on what they have to add to the continued development and evolution of EasyPQQ.

That is exactly the spirit that prevailed at the annual User Group Meetings held in London earlier this month. With over 50 companies sending representatives to West One de Vere Hotel, the day also gave the chance for networking and finding out those little ‘nuggets of gold’ that make using the software even smarter.

New Microsoft Plugin Feature

There were two highlights to the day. Firstly, in sharing the new Microsoft Plugin feature, there were smiles all round with plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as approval was gained from those who envisaged the benefits to the last innovations. When launched, Microsoft Word will enable you to complete any document in Word, allowing that document, and its content to be saved, searched for and re-used through the very powerful Search Engine. Algorithms analyse historical use of the information stored and presents it ranked from most appropriate to least appropriate.

Ongoing Development and Programming

The after-lunch forum, often described as ‘the graveyard session’ (full stomach … heavy eyes) was hosted by Propeller Studios MD, Andy Hammond. Fielding suggestions from the delegates Andy was receptive to the many innovative ideas, committing to some with immediate effect while deferring some for future consideration. Taking on board how EasyPQQ can be bettered is a big driver in the software’s development plans.

Over a few beers at the end of the day, the consensus was “Group User Day: 100% the right thing to do”. There is more than enough on our Development & Programming plate to keep everyone focused and busy ensuring EasyPQQ remains a premium product and even better than before.


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