Septembers Latest News, Features and Improvements

posted on: 17th September 2019 by EasyPQQ


The summer has rushed by and we have been incredibly busy. We have increased the size of the Development Team and we are also looking for further experienced and competent people to join us.

System usage is at an all-time high. Last month the total clicks made on our applications exceeded 1.4 million. This is over 45% up on last year’s activity.

In terms of overall performance, the servers and infrastructure have both achieved 100% performance ratings in the last two months. From all the data that we have reviewed we are meeting the objectives listed in our Application and Hosting Policy by providing a secure, fast and reliable environment for you all to work within. Notwithstanding this, we have several initiatives in place to improve upon the benchmark set and to raise the bar in a couple of key areas.

Here’s September’s overview of what we’ve been up to and what to expect in the coming months:


Security Improvements

Security is an ongoing and high priority of the business. We are about to start our review of the policies and procedures that we have in place to protect your data. This is an annual exercise and involves the updating of our business continuity risk register and policy documents. The revised documents will be provided to all of you when they are completed.

EasyPQQ has achieved an exceptional benchmark in that the monthly penetration test report confirms that it is considered less than low risk by the third party making the assessment.

EasyBOP is rated as low risk and it is our intention to make changes to place it into the category achieved by its sister application.



The amount of data stored on our systems has increased exponentially in recent months. This is because the systems are being used more and you are storing a wider variety of file formats with increased file sizes.

We had been planning on replacing the hardware that supports our applications in September 2020, but due to high demand we have been forced to schedule the replacement before the end of this year. In July I authorised the purchase of new equipment and it is already on test in one of our data centres.

The specification is much higher than the old equipment that it replaces, and we expect to see an increase in system performance when it goes into operational service in November of this year. It will provide enough space and processing power for the next five years based upon our calculation of your ongoing requirements.

Although this is a very significant investment, we feel that it is vital if we are to continue to provide an excellent service to you.


Change Requests

The introduction of the change request system has been popular with users. We have reviewed the first batch of requests and will be focusing on programming them during September. We are also currently making assessment of the outstanding balance.

To date 285 requests have been made. It is likely that of these we will programme around 120 of these and put 20 or 30 to the user vote process. To date we have completed 31 of the requests made.


The Way Voting Works

This has been a popular addition to our customer support strategy. To date one of the requests has passed the necessary support level to be included within the Development Schedule.

The criteria that we are using is that 10 separate user accounts need to vote for the change in order to be accepted. If the suggestion has not reached the required support within a two month period, it will be rejected and removed from the voting process.


Development Program

September: We are focusing on programming change requests, pretty much to the exclusion of everything else.

October to December:

•Development of Microsoft Word In EasyBOP. Continued development of the Word plugin for EasyPQQ;

•Further client requested changes;


Fire Drills

It is our policy to undertake realistic and demanding simulations of equipment and network failure and the ability of our configurations to overcome the scenario with minimal disruption to services.

On Wednesday 4th September, whilst running a complex scenario, one of our servers did not react in the way that we anticipated which caused us to restart the array on the Thursday afternoon at 5.00pm.

I apologise for any inconvenience that this caused and can confirm that the lessons learned has provided us with an opportunity to amend the failover configuration to prevent it happening again.

The problem only affected those clients using Text Control in EasyPQQ and our Customer Services Department provided advice and support to those affected.


Referral System

We are also formalising a referral rewards system for companies or individuals who recommend our products to other organisations. More on this will follow before the end of the year.



We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Please visit our Contact page to get in touch.


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