Save Time on Bid Submissions

posted on: 23rd May 2019 by EasyPQQ

Save time on bid submissions by using our intelligent search engine.

Have you ever wasted time searching for an old document or a response you need for current work? With EasyPQQ’s Intelligent Search Engine, you will never have to spend hours searching again!

EasyPQQ, software that improves document collaboration and efficiency, has developed a unique intelligent search engine within its system. It is a powerful tool that finds you and your colleagues’ previous work already stored in the software, making it accessible in seconds. 

This powerful feature uses artificial intelligence to tailor your experience based on previous work, as it ranks all your data over time. 

Search and Find

EasyPQQ’s Intelligent Search Engine is a dynamic tool that works with you in mind.  Features of the software include:  

  • Data storage and automatically indexing responses and document uploads
  • A search algorithm that retrieves information quickly, accurately and efficiently
  • A tolerance for spelling mistakes and contextual logic
  • Ranking your data over time to suggest responses, potentially for an entire tender document 
  • The ability to search for information regardless of file type

All your knowledge from previous submissions can be accessed quickly thanks to our unique intelligent search engine saving up to 80% of the time needed for each submission.

Supporting all sectors

EasyPQQ clients range across all sectors from Construction, Health, Employment, Legal, Asbestos, Equipment & Supplies, Health Care to Education and Facilities Management. At the end of the day, regardless of which sector you work in, if you need to complete a tender document, then EasyPQQ is a ‘must have’. 

EasyPQQ is the solution for the creation and collaboration of your bids, tenders, and other documents. With the intelligent search engine feature, you will save time; time that you can better use focussing on winning contracts. 


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Save Time on Bid Submissions
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