Remove the frustration from the tender process

posted on: 2nd July 2018 by EasyPQQ

There is a lot more to producing a winning tender than just crafting the perfect written response to the questions.

We understand how the process around managing a tender, as well as answering all of the administrative questions can take up vast amounts of your time. It can shift your focus away from writing compelling answers that will differentiate you from your competitors.

We know, because we've been there. We do it too, and it's the reason we created EasyPQQ

Our software has been built to help bid teams streamline the following;

  • Filling in the same details time and time again
  • Searching for those answers you know you've used before
  • Figuring out which is the latest version of the document
  • Adding appropriate CVs and case studies
  • Identify who has yet to respond
  • Getting a consistent format for all the different questions

If you've struggled with any of the above, EasyPQQ can help to make your life easier. It will allow you to spend more time creating a better tender.

If you would like to find out more, call 01462 440077 or fill in the form here. What have you got to lose?

EasyPQQ will save you time, money and help you win more work.

Remove the frustration from the tender process
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