More than for just pre-qualification questionnaires

posted on: 31st July 2018 by EasyPQQ

When EasyPQQ was first developed, it was created to help make the process of completing the document you were working on more efficient by allowing you to easily manage the project and find / retrieve regularly requested information.

EasyPQQ has evolved a lot since the early days and while the tendering process has also changed, the need to be able to create quality content, quickly and efficiently has not.


The ability of the search engine to find information hidden within documents rather than relying on document names or tags has meant that it can handle more and more sophisticated requests.

This led to the increase of tenders and proposals being written on the system, where the content required is more complex. The benefits of having all your previous, approved, content stored in one place saves so much time over having to hunt through your previous Word documents.

When you then add in the collaboration factor of having access to content from other members of your team, even ones who may have left, those times savings are multiplied.


With the job for life having long since disappeared, the knowledge drain on companies can be detrimental when someone moves on. Larger companies may be able to cope with this better, but for smaller companies this can be devastating.

Previous work may be stored on a network drive somewhere, but if no one else knows what's in there, then it's as good as gone.

EasyPQQ solves this problem by keeping all the knowledge within the business even after someone has left as you don't need to know what someone else has written previously to have their work returned in your search results.


There is more to producing a winning tender or proposal than just writing compelling content, which is why EasyPQQ contains a suite of tools to manage the bid process.

These tools allow the bid manager to easily see the current state of any and all tenders that are being worked on, assign responsibilities to other team members and send reminders and notifications.

EasyPQQ will also manage your company's brand, ensuring all documentation output from the system uses the right font, correct logos and page layouts.

Supporting documentation

In addition to holding answer content, EasyPQQ stores all supporting documentation within the system to provide you with everything you need to produce your final piece in one convenient place.

Not only does it store your certificates and policies, it will notify you if they are close to of the expiry or renewal date.

CVs and case studies

There are dedicated modules for CVs and case studies. Because we understand the need for multiple versions of each they can be tailored to the tender or proposal you are submitting.

A very large national main contractor who uses our system has over 600 case studies stored on EasyPQQ, while a large consultancy practice have in excess of 900 CVs uploaded to the system.


The application has become a lot more comprehensive since it was first developed, but fundamentally its purpose has remained the same - allowing you to complete documents more efficiently by making it easy to find and retrieve regularly requested information.

We could re-brand the product to better reflect everything it now does, but EasyBidProcess&ProposalManagementApprovedContentRepositoryBrandedDocumentProduction&Storage doesn't role off the tongue quite as easily as EasyPQQ does (and would make tweeting a nightmare!)

Even though EasyPQQ is now used in many different ways to produce many different types of documents, it will, of course, still help you with pre-qualification questionnaires.

If you would like to find out more about EasyPQQ, or see a demo of the application, click here.

More than for just pre-qualification questionnaires
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