March's Latest News, Features and Improvements

posted on: 28th March 2019 by EasyPQQ

Here’s March’s overview of what we’ve been up to and what to expect in the coming months:

Security Improvements

Work has started on re-configuring our virtual server array to improve performance and upgrade security. The old Prop Server 6 has been decommissioned and retired from the architecture. Upgrades to SSL certification has taken place on all our outward facing client interfaces.

We have produced a timetable of the events required to provide a seamless transition when we have a major equipment upgrade in 2020. This involves not only our own SysOps team, but also consultancy from our partner experts. A wide range of further improvements have been highlighted, including a RAM upgrade to the primary array due for April 2019. This will provide us with in excess of a terabyte.

Application Programming

We completed various EasyPQQ projects including:

  • Security changes 
  • Upload user’s spreadsheet
  • Export of Evidence to Word
  • Toggle between questions all statuses 
  • Global program changes allowing moving of dates and reallocation of staff

Progress on EasyPQQ Word Document Integration

The new Word plug-in has been downloaded by over 50 users and we can see the increase in its use due to the significant improvement it makes to the software.

Work will continue to add all the functionality to Word that was available in Text Control and the classic browser. The element relating to adding attachments is being tested at the moment and scheduled for release shortly.

Bug Reporting

The new system is in testing and scheduled to be released before Friday 6th August. After its release, we will be contacting you about changes to our support processes after June 2019.

Change Requests

During April we will be starting work on a substantial upgrade to the contract module. This will include over 20 client requested changes to system functionality and some brand new ideas of our own.

We have designed a further set of improvements to documents which will be programmed at the beginning of April before the developer moves on to changes within the CRM module.

Penetration Tests

All penetration test reports are indicating the lowest level of threat. These cover all applications and our wider network.

Fire Drills

We carried out a simulated failure of the switches between processing banks and Sans. The test was completed successfully, and the system reacted as expected. This month we have a hard fire test scheduled for the evening of Friday 29th March. This will simulate the loss of half of the main array.


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