January's Latest News, Features and Improvements

posted on: 21st January 2019 by EasyPQQ

Here’s January's overview of what we’ve been up to and what to expect in the coming months:

Security Improvements

We have undertaken some minor changes to the database that communicates with all our Apps to ensure that the temporary data it contains is encrypted at rest. The requirement was identified in our server committee meeting.

Progress on EasyPQQ word document integration

We have now successfully tested the Word Document App in terms of its ability to download questions from the dashboard and to edit them, on and offline, and then record the result back to the dashboard. This is a very large step towards release.

The next phase of work is to provide the various tools that currently available for the other editors to this method of answering questions. The tools include the search function, collateral, image editing and comments.

We anticipate completing all of these for the user group meeting of the 7th February.

After deployment, we will monitor use of the three different ways that you can complete documents and look to phase out the Text Control document version before the end of 2019.

Bug reporting 

The bug reporting enhancement is now in the production stage, with an anticipated release date end of February 2019.

Work has been delayed because we have a commitment to provide a user paid change to the system during January.

When completed, it will:

•Provide the user tools to fully describe bugs/changes;

•Provide a support ticket confirming the severity level that has been allocated to the work, a ticket number and a must be completed by date;

•Update the user on progress as the work progresses and notification when the work is complete;

•Enable us to provide KPI figures to you each quarter on how well we manage your requests and deliver fixes;

•Provide online registers of bugs and change requests

Change requests 

Having run through the list in detail we are planning on programming 80 of the changes requested. I am working on the specifications after our ISO27001 audit on the 23rd of January.

It is the intention to programme the final cut during February 2019, with the likelihood of the work stretching into March.

Penetration tests

All penetration test reports are indicating the lowest level of threat. These cover all applications and our wider network.

Fire drills

We carried out a simulated failure of one of our main processing banks and the backup function. Bot tests were successful.


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