Integrated Workflow Solutions: Successfully scaling your bid team for success

posted on: 22nd April 2021 by EasyPQQ

Tired of using Excel to manage your bids? An integrated workflow system could be the solution you are looking for if you are struggling with outdated legacy systems and human error when it comes to your bid management processes.

How could you benefit from an all-in-one bid management solution? Here is what you need to know about the benefits of a successful workflow integration for your tender lifecycle. 

All in one solution

Integrated workflow solutions automate parts of your bid management process. They can connect all your various systems (Document Library, CRM, ERP) to ensure your workflows remain uninterrupted. These bid management solutions can massively reduce workload, for example, by using an internal search engine to find previous work and using notifications in the place of emails to remind staff of the task at hand. Using an integrated solution eliminates a lot of manual input from bid teams. A system like this will often unify several disparate business functions to create a streamlined process. 

No more silos

Departmental silos are a thing of the past with an integrated workflow solution. These systems come with an accessible document repository, allowing all members of the team access to the most-up-to-date documents (thanks to version control). Never again will documents need to be saved to one desktop, and integrated solutions are mostly cloud-based. Automation will solve functionality gaps. 

Remotely track progress

Even before the pandemic, many businesses had issues with keeping track of bid progress, especially if a team were spread out geographically. An integrated solution allows staff to remotely track the team’s progress and allow for transparency for the whole team. Reminders can be scheduled and sent within an integrated system, reducing email load. 

Enhanced communication

An automated solution improves communication between team members, allowing quicker responses within a system and reducing emails bouncing back and forth. The increased transparency also increases the levels of accountability. By moving the team out of silos and into an integrated workflow system, it is much easier for management to figure out where the bottle necks are.

Modernises your workforce

Integrated workflow systems have developed to the point where they can achieve better results with less human intervention, than with previous models. Modernising your organisation’s workflow will give your team a competitive edge, as a modern integrated system will allow your company to digitally mature. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence brings an easier way of working to your company, as it can recognise document types, categories, and metadata. Integrated solutions often incorporate AI technology, such as for an internal search engine or automated document library, and this has revolutionised the way companies automate their tasks.

Need an ‘out-of-the-box’ bid workflow solution? 

Make tenders less work. You can streamline the bid management lifecycle from end-to-end with EasyPQQ. You can automate manual task, align complex workflows, reduce errors and risks with our bid management solution. To see how you can start integrating your bid management processes, request a demo of EasyPQQ!


Integrated Workflow Solutions: Successfully scaling your bid team for success
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