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posted on: 30th April 2019 by EasyPQQ

Chaos is not just a driver of desperation, it can also be a catalyst for change.

When John Lennon and Yoko Ono co-wrote the lyrics to Imagine, the song that would become his greatest solo hit, it was in response to a world in chaos. The 1960s and its political turbulence, activism, growing materialism and decadence needed a message of calm, an evangelist for peace, a beacon of rationale. Lennon and Imagine provided just that.

Bid Writing in the rat race

As a Bid Writer, there must be many instances when you experience frustration because of the chaos within your industry. The rat race seems never-ending, and with it there seems to be less and less time to get things done, and more and more complications and unnecessary admin to get through.

I do not envy those who have to compose responses to hundreds of questions, time and time again having to re-word very similar answers to very similar questions. The grind of interpreting a slightly ‘tweaked’ question's requirements, and knowing that the only answer is a slightly ‘tweaked’ response.

The Archive headache

Compounding the 'treadmill' frustration is knowing that those very questions have been asked before, maybe last month, maybe last year, and that somewhere you have the answers.

But, despite a hierarchically-structured folder system on your desktop, or even better on the company server, it takes an absolute age to trawl through folders and sub-folder after sub-folder to find the document you’re after.

And once you've found it, that's only half the battle – you still need to scroll through the many pages in the hope of finding the paragraph or sentence you’re looking for. All the time, the minutes tick by, ever closer to the submission deadline.

I haven’t even mentioned requesting information from a colleague, who is invariably too busy to acknowledge the e-mail request let alone provide you with what is needed by the date you’ve given.

The bizarre structure of RFI, ITT, RFP, ITT Documents and more

Just for good measure, the very document you have been required to complete, be it an RFI, ITT or even a Tender Document appears to have been compiled in the most disjointed fashion – the layout bizarre, the numbering inconsistent.

Sometimes there are tables to fill out, paragraphs to write, table cells that can’t possibly hold the information the question requires, bizarre formatting or word restrictions that barely permit more than the most basic of responses.

Is it at this point that you find yourself asking, “Surely I can’t be the only one experiencing this frustration? Surely there must be a better, cleverer, smarter way of doing this?”

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Imagine having a software platform that contains all the company information, past and present, that you may need to complete that document, question by question.

Imagine all that information being instantly accessible.

Imagine the possibility of immediately finding every response anyone in the company has ever written about the question you’re trying to answer.

Imagine all that being possible with your own company’s Google-like search engine that takes you to the very paragraph, the very sentence and highlights the very words you are looking for.


It’s possible.

It’s EasyPQQ

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