How to ‘Bake In’ Compliance for Construction Tender Success

posted on: 18th February 2021 by EasyPQQ

To keep up with the demands of a construction bid, compliance is a key ingredient to the tendering process. To ensure success, everything must be done correctly.

There are many types of tendering in construction, including framework tendering, public procurement, open tendering, and selective tendering. Each of these processes is deliberately designed to identify and reject bidders who don’t comply. So, what can contractors do to avoid non-compliance on their tenders?


Learn compliance requirements

Read up and educate your team on what compliance means for your business. It might take some time to brush up on contractual agreements, the ins and outs of OSHA regulations and the importance of credit checks, but it all feeds into the knowledge pool used for tender writing. It will make bids much easier to write if you have a better understanding of compliance, especially of the compliance of your own organisation.


Create a separate compliance matrix

When you receive tender documents, it is a good idea to create a separate strict requirements document that you can reference as you complete the bid. By creating a compliance matrix, it will make writing answers much easier, as you will have the separate document to hand, rather than having to scroll back through the entire tender. It simplifies the entire bid writing process.


Risk management strategy

Implementing a risk management strategy will give you great insight into your bids and keep compliance in check. You need to be able to make informed decisions on contingency requirements, identify risks within the bid, and determine timelines to make sure that sensitive deadlines are hit. Risk management is a major part of compliance in any setting, so it’s important to get it right in your bid processes.


Use your ‘experts’

It is important to have input from all your expert staff, especially on technical parts of the bid. The bid writers may not have all the technical knowledge and will need feedback from other staff to complete the bid. It is important to proactively communicate with your team, especially if documents are expiring, if there is any missing information and for other important data relating to the bid.


Regular staff training

To keep staff up to speed on all things compliance, it is important that staff have regular training and communication updates, such as if any company policies change. It means that the team is operating at its most efficient and all those involved with the bid have the information they need to perform at their best. A cohesive, compliant team is much better than a divided one.


Build your document library 

It is a good idea to keep a library of previous answers, particularly of your highest scoring ones. This allows the team to refer to previous documents, saving time and money as they can finish tenders much more quickly. It is also a good resource for new starters, as it can give them a grounding in the company and get them up to speed much quicker, as well as keeping them compliant.


Reduce manual compliance processes with a robust ‘system’

Farewell paper office and hello to the digital office. Documents can get lost or become outdated, so everyone involved needs to have access to the latest versions. A strong bid management software solution allows for this. It also improves employee management, as a good in-built HR solution can track employee certifications, manage training, etc. Keeping HR docs up to date is important to make sure all team members are always compliant aware.


Compliance in construction bids can seem daunting, but by making sure you have everything in place, liaise with your key staff often and have a robust bid management system in place, you won’t go too far wrong. For more information on how you can benefit from a bid management software solution, or to speak to a construction bid compliance expert, get in touch with us below.


How to ‘Bake In’ Compliance for Construction Tender Success
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