EasyPQQ Annual User Group Meeting

posted on: 28th January 2019 by EasyPQQ

 To further consolidate and strengthen the strong relationships Propeller Studies has with its EasyPQQ clients, De Vere Hotel in Central London will again host the EasyPQQ User Group Meeting on Thursday 7th February.

These annual events, attended by users from throughout the UK, serve as an opportunity to meet, talk and listen to each other. Apart from having a chance to remind users of the many changes, enhancements and additions in EasyPQQ functionality during the last eight months, it is, more importantly, the chance for Propeller Studios to hear from the users themselves and take on board issues they might have been experiencing. Furthermore, it is the chance for them to request changes and ask for additional tools. All these suggestions are taken very seriously and feature in the Development and Programming schedule for 2019.

Microsoft Word Editing feature

With EasyPQQ about to launch its Microsoft Word Editing feature – which promises to significantly improve both the importing of previous documents as well as the creation of new ones – a Training Tutorial Session will round off the day. 

An exciting 2019 lies ahead for both existing and future EasyPQQ clients.

people sitting in meeting with notepads on knees
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