Customer Feedback

posted on: 17th July 2018 by EasyPQQ

At EasyPQQ we run a continual customer feedback programme as it's a great way to find out what we're getting right, and where we need to improve. You can see the results of these surveys here.

As part of our survey we ask our clients to tell us what they like most about the application and the number one response from our clients is that EasyPQQ saves them time. Lots of time.

"It saves so much time - all the answers are in one place."

"It's quick and easy. It makes life a lot easier - I couldn't imagine not using it for PQQs."

"Search functionality & auto-answer process speeds up the whole process."

"The speed of finding answers from previous documents is really helpful."

"In environments which are busier than ever and where deadlines are becoming shorter, we're told anything our clients can do to save time is extremely welcome. This is where EasyPQQ really comes into its own."

"We've only got a finite resource, so the efficiency and effectiveness of the team being able to search for content, being able to generate documents quickly, has meant that we've been able to do more."

"The time saving element means that I can do more bids in a shorter amount of time."

"Our clients have also told us that these time savings allow many of them to do some of those extra things that they previously didn't always have time for, but which can make a big difference to the final document. As well as now having time for proper reviews, which is always a good thing, they are able to spend more time on the design and layout or making sure the case studies and CVs they provide have been tailored so they are specific to the tender."

"It's always good to hear feedback like this, knowing EasyPQQ is making a difference to people, but the following piece of feedback really suggests we're getting something right."

"The main benefit of EasyPQQ is that I no longer have to do extra hours; I can go home at night!"

Customer Feedback
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