More than just bid submissions

posted on: 16th January 2019 by EasyPQQ

2019 will bring the latest addition of creating documents in Microsoft Word

Imagine buying a budget-level car, for a budget-level price. Only as you drive out of the showroom do you realise you’re getting a lot more for your money. There are leather seats with a reciprocal adjusted environment, an innovative drone that hovers above your car alerting you to the traffic ahead and Sky & Netflix viewing for children to mention just a few.

For all your company documentation

EasyPQQ was originally designed as a cloud-based tender writing software platform with a powerful search engine. Over the years the software has evolved to encompass additional functionality and accommodate various document types. 2019 will see the latest addition that shows EasyPQQ has once again flexed its muscle. To that end, creating documents in Microsoft Word and using the Search Engine to search, find and import information is at the core of the software. Pre-created documents can also be uploaded into EasyPQQ so that users gain the benefit of information created months and years ago.

Imagine a tool that holds company information found in reports, policies, employee handbooks, reports, technical specifications, tender submissions, quotations, marketing & promotional material and sales documents. Imagine all that information being instantly searchable and accessible to your employees. Any document created in EasyPQQ, once saved, is again instantly available.

More than just bid submissions

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Creating documents in Microsoft Word
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