Cloud Computing for the Construction Sector

posted on: 21st January 2021 by EasyPQQ

The cloud has come of age during the past year – it has allowed us to work safely, securely, and keep business operations running. Cloud computing is the saviour of business continuity.  

There are plenty of benefits for contractors to be working in the cloud. So how can the construction sector benefit further from cloud computing?


Money Saving Opportunities

With any growing business, money saving methods are always high on any contractor’s list of priorities. Some technology, while useful, may cost a fortune to implement and you may not want to invest the time, the money, and the maintenance of IT infrastructure. With a cloud solution, there is no need to spend lots because implementation is a lot easier, quicker and will lead to higher ROI. 

Costs that can be saved can include rent and IT headcount. With cloud based working, there is less need to rent workplaces. This is because cloud-based solutions are hosted on remote cloud servers by the company providing the service.


Access Anywhere, Anytime

Contractors often move across multiple sites and need to manage workload, while on the go. With cloud-based systems, admin tasks become much easier for workers because there is a lot more flexibility. Portable devices, like tablets and phones, can access these systems. Given that contractors are more likely to be carrying phones than computers, this portability makes sense.


Heightened Security for the Business

High-level security in your business is crucial. All project data is a piece of a complex puzzle and if any goes missing or is stolen, then it is a real problem for the organisation. Saving information in silos, such as on desktops or laptops can increase the risk of data breaches. They could be stolen or damaged, and all data could be lost. However, with a cloud-based solution, information is stored elsewhere and can be only accessed by those who are authorised. Cloud-based solutions keep information encrypted and run firewalls, amongst other security protocols to keep all the information safe. 


Fast and Easy Implementation

Worried about the disruption to your business when implementing a new system? With cloud-based solutions, implementation can often be conducted remotely, which means less expense for all involved in terms of travelling etc. Training for staff on new systems can also be given remotely.


Real-Time Collaboration

Cloud-based solutions can also offer staff the ability to collaborate on the same documents in real-time, across multiple sites. Allowing teams to access a shared library of documents allows for reduced waiting times and cuts down on emails, as staff can find what they need from the database. Documents are often updated automatically, which benefits everyone involved in the project as no one is working from an old document. It streamlines business processes and makes them more efficient, especially with more people working remotely.


Metrics and Report Functions

Cloud computing solutions hold a lot of data, which in turn allows for a lot of analysis. Managers can oversee staff to make sure they are hitting deadlines and are able to see what they are working on at any one time. Detailed statistics are useful for managers and supervisors. It is also useful for staff to be able to create reports on their data, such as producing financial or management reports, as all the data is in one place.


Brings Modernity to a Traditional Industry

Construction is well-known for being ‘old school,’ and many contractors still implement a pen-and-paper approach to working. Construction is digitising but is still catching up to other sectors. By switching to cloud-based solutions, your company will be ahead of the curve and allow for more efficient ways of working. Cloud computing is the way forward for the construction sector.


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Cloud Computing for the Construction Sector
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