Business Continuity with EasyPQQ

posted on: 27th August 2018 by EasyPQQ

What would happen if your bid team walked out today?

Have you ever worked at a place where the default answer to any question is “Ask Geoff, he's been here forever, he'll know”?

Geoff is a great guy; he saves you so much time hunting through files and folders looking for a particular piece of information. And on the rare occasion he doesn’t know the answer himself, he can point you in the direction of someone who might.

What happens though when Geoff leaves? All of that information that Geoff has stored in his head goes with him out of the door. A lot of it may be written down somewhere, but without knowing exactly what has been written down, no-one knows what is there.

When people talk about business continuity, it is usually in relation to how you can minimise disruption during unexpected events; extreme weather conditions, IT system failure, or even a terrorist attack that could bring business to a standstill.

But, the biggest threat to business continuity that most companies will actually face is when staff leave, and take their knowledge with them.

It is really surprising how often we hear well established companies telling us that they are starting again from scratch. Their bid writers have all gone and now they are going to have to spend lots of time, and therefore money, redoing work that they know will definitely have been done before.

This is where EasyPQQ really comes into its own.

Benefits of EasyPQQ

With EasyPQQ, everyone's work is indexed and stored in one central location. This means that when you enter a question into the system, it returns all relevant responses, regardless of whether or not the author is still at the organisation.

If an older answer is no longer accurate, you can modify it or remove it from EasyPQQ. However, if it is still the model answer, and is marked as such it will be returned each and every time. This maintains the quality of your tender responses regardless of staff changes.

Not only this, but it saves time completing a tender and helps new staff members get up to speed quicker.

Additionally as a cloud based application, EasyPQQ allows you to work from anywhere, so it also protects you against all of the other events your business continuity planning would look to cover.

EasyPQQ, a bit like Geoff, but you won't have to make it tea.

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Business Continuity with EasyPQQ
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