Bid Writing for a Technology Sector Tender

posted on: 16th March 2020 by EasyPQQ

The spectrum of sectors for which bid writers need to be able to prepare comprehensive responses is broad - from the health and financial sectors through to construction, manufacturing, IT, property and more, each sector makes different demands for its tender processes.

For the Technology sector, bid writers will invariably be required to submit a response that demonstrates how they will be able to meet and exceed a list of technology requirements

What is the best approach? Here is our process checklist to guide you on how to tackle these types of submissions.

Asking the Right Questions

Before you begin, it’s really useful to undergo two key processes internally. 

Firstly, do you really want to bid for this opportunity and can you deliver what is required, should you win the project? Ask yourself:

  • Can we meet every requirement?
  • Do we know absolutely that we can deliver the project?
  • If we can do so, are we able to deliver the project at a competitive and realistic cost?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you should establish a standard response methodology, under the broad headings:

  • Do we understand the specifications?
  • How do we plan to deliver the project requirements?
  • What will we do to meet and exceed the specifications?

Taking a Systematic Approach to Your Response

Understanding the technical specifications can sometimes be a confusing and long process. 

To simplify matters, and ‘divide and conquer’, it’s helpful to take the following approach:

  • Understand each question, what is being asked and what the buyer wants to know.
  • Break your technical response down into subheadings, and be sure to answer each section of the question.
  • Write clearly and concisely.
  • Relate each point in your technical response to the technical specification requested in the bid document.

Staying on Track & Exceeding Expectation

Remember that you’ll not be the only company bidding for the project. How can you ensure that you give yourself the best chance of success? By staying focussed, and ensuring that you relate every response explicitly to the requirements in the specification, with substantiation wherever available.

Use examples of previous projects you have delivered that match/meet the specified requirement to substantiate your response.

Where applicable, support your response with:

  • Images
  • Designs
  • Reports
  • Programmes
  • Drawings (where applicable, of course).
  • You should also submit, where possible:
  • Previous method statements (signed by the client)
  • Project Quality schedules (signed by the client)
  • Feedback from your other clients
  • Nominations and awards for previous work that demonstrates the above capability

Show how and where you are able to bring added value in your technical response.

Provide reassurance that your company has the right processes, policies, procedures and disaster recovery approaches to guarantee service levels should you be awarded the project.

If you adopt the above approach and keep the clarity of focus in your responses, focussing on clearly demonstrating how your company’s skill set, experience and capability satisfies the specified requirements, you’re well on the way to a successful submission.

For help and guidance on how to produce the most comprehensive bid responses to Technology sector tenders, contact the team at EasyPQQ today on 01462 440077 or


Bid Writing for a Technology Sector Tender
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