65 sectors from Affordable Housing to Water Treatment

posted on: 16th August 2018 by EasyPQQ

We're often asked if there is a particular sector we work with, or that EasyPQQ is suitable for. The simple answer is, no, everyone can benefit from using it. While EasyPQQ has been adopted more heavily in some sectors than in others, it is now helping companies bid and tender for work in 65 different sectors.

As a company we have roots in the construction industry, and as such we do have a large user base involved with construction. However, the benefits of managing the bid and tender process efficiently have meant that the software's appeal extends far beyond this one industry. From businesses that operate in Affordable Housing to those in the Water Treatment sector there are a wide variety of companies who rely on EasyPQQ to help them with their bidding process.

Even though our clients operate in a wide variety of sectors they all share one thing in common, the desire to improve the way they ran their bid and tender process, and the return on investment of their efforts. We have Blood Tracking and Vehicle Tracking companies that can now easily keep track of all changes made to their documents.

We have Bomb Disposal and Playground Equipment companies that ensure all their data is safe and secure. We have Grounds Maintenance and Removal and Storage companies who maintain a knowledge base where all of their bid and tender collateral is stored. We have Care Services and IT Support Services companies who know that if they ever need it, there is great support provided by our in-house team.

Last year alone we sold licences of EasyPQQ into 31 different industry sectors. All of these companies had identified that there must be a better way for them to run their bid and tender process, and decided with the many benefits EasyPQQ offered, that it was the right solution.This year we look forward to seeing which new sectors we will enter as we bring even more companies into the EasyPQQ fold and help them improve how they tender for new work.

If you would like to see how EasyPQQ could help your business, we'd love to hear from you, especially if you work in the field of zoology!

65 sectors from Affordable Housing to Water Treatment
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