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Knowledge Module with AI Technology

Posted on: 11th February 2022 by EasyPQQ
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Stages of a Tender

Posted on: 25th June 2021 by EasyPQQ
There are several stages of a tender a bid writer must go through before they submit their docs.
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Understanding Procurement Terminology

Posted on: 20th May 2021 by EasyPQQ
This article will give an overview of the most common terms used in procurement.
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Integrated Workflow Solutions: Successfully scaling your bid team for success

Posted on: 22nd April 2021 by EasyPQQ
An integrated workflow system could be the solution you are looking for.
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Overcoming Construction Tech Implementation Barriers

Posted on: 25th March 2021 by EasyPQQ
What are the barriers to tech implementation?
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How to ‘Bake In’ Compliance for Construction Tender Success

Posted on: 18th February 2021 by EasyPQQ
What can contractors do to avoid non-compliance on their tenders?
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Cloud Computing for the Construction Sector

Posted on: 21st January 2021 by EasyPQQ
how can the construction sector benefit further from cloud computing?
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Build Your Bid Library

Posted on: 1st December 2020 by EasyPQQ
Read on to find out how to build an effective bid library.
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Use Technology to Reduce the Stress of Bid Writing

Posted on: 12th November 2020 by EasyPQQ
Using technology can greatly reduce common bid writing errors and challenges.
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Signs of a Cyber Security Threat

Posted on: 15th October 2020 by EasyPQQ
A cyber threat can come in many forms, so its important to know the signs of cyber attacks.
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The Benefits of Bid Management Software

Posted on: 10th September 2020 by Propeller Studios
Here are some of the benefits of switching your manual processes to a bid management solution.
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Use EasyPQQ to Close The Gap During Covid-19

Posted on: 24th March 2020 by EasyPQQ
Despite the current global climate, EasyPQQ is here to help more your business more than ever before
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