Version control for multiple contributers

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1Life, Business Development

"We’d been looking at different solutions for about six months and kind of doing a bit of market research, came across EasyPQQ, phoned up (and) spoke to a couple of guys there, organised a meeting and it just fitted with what we wanted.

It was really easy to use, the format was good, it was easy to find things on the system and everyone at Propeller was really really nice and kind of just fitted with our team and it was just easy.

We can regulate more what we are doing, we can see what answers we’ve had scores on before, so when we’re creating new pqqs we can pull down the best answers we’ve used previously.

Version control is a big issue for us as well because we’ve got five people working one document; we need to make sure that everyone’s working on the most relevant and up to date document.

My husband is an accountant and I’ve recommended it to him."

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