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Dan Santy

Bid Writer, Pick Everard

"We found before we used EasyPQQ that a bid question would come up and we’d know that we’d answered it somewhere before and we’d be trawling through bids endlessly trying to find the previous answer and we wanted something that offered the search functionally that EasyPQQ does.

So we went out to market, found the system, brought that on board and it’s totally transformed the way we’re able to search for previous answers; it’s just saves us so much time.

We use the text editor; we’ve had some bespoke templates set up - so case studies and CVs - so we use those, we use it in terms of bid management as well, so the alert emails…

Reporting as well, so, you know, weekly and monthly reports, so yeah I think we use most functions of it.

We get tight deadlines, so whereas before we’d waste a lot of time trawling through previous answers trying to find what we were looking for and now we can find it quickly.

And have workshops, meetings, interviews and things like that and work on really improving the bids that we’re doing.

We’ve definitely improved our win rate - PQQs and tenders - we’ve been using just under a year now. Yes, they’ve definitely gone up.

I’d recommend EasyPQQ to anybody involved in bidding."

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