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Luke Hunter

Head of Bid Management, Dodd Group

"Before we had the EasyPQQ system we found that a lot of our information, the ‘bid library’ as it was, was very chaotic. 

It was very difficult from all of the bid writers’ perspectives to remember when they had a bid. Maybe it was six months ago, you know, and the information was somewhere, someone knew about it; it took a very long time to get that information.

So as soon as we had the EasyPQQ system we started collating the bid library and very quickly we found that it was a great repository for information.

I would say the main reason that we use EasyPQQ is for our PQQ bids, tenders, presentations - so the interview process - we use all of that information to collate, formulate, and ultimately produce the tender.

From my point of view, personally, the benefits of the EasyPQQ system is it’s a great management tool, so for all the members of the bid team I’m very easily able to see the progress.

For the team as a whole I’d say that the most benefits from the actual system itself is to do with saving time, so very quickly we are able to pull the information together.  We’ve found that it’s been very very useful in a short period of time.

Would I recommend EasyPQQ? Definitely. For organisations such as ourselves, yes it saves time and energy and it’s a well presented tool."

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