Fast efficient system for bid-writing departments

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Lorraine Coulstock

Bid Coordinator, Anglian Building Products

"We originally started using the EasyPQQ system for the storage of our previous answers, so we were writing bids and were having problems trying to find the answers that we had previously done to put into other bids that had similar questions. 

And the google-like search… we could then search for previous answers more efficiently rather than trying to go through files and files to try and find previous answers.

The feature saves us a lot of time. Before we could spend half a day trying to search for answers that we’d written say, two months ago, and trying to go through weeks and weeks and weeks of bids to try to find a previous answer was just so time consuming.

And now at a click of a button and typing in one word we can find the answer that we’re looking for.

I think it is a very good fast efficient system especially if you are an organisation that has a large bid writing department or multiple bid-writing departments over various different locations, I think it’s very beneficial."


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