Ensuring quality content across the business

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Chris Blackburn

Head of Bids – Irwin Mitchell LLP

"When we starting using EasyPQQ we had one fundamental issue which was a lack of quality content across the business that was easily accessible to people. What we’ve found with the system is that we’ve got multiple users who can access the same quality information across the business and it’s easy to keep up to date and we get regular updates of when information is out of date.

The benefit to us of EasyPQQ is it’s like having an extra person in my team. It means fundamentally that information is up to date; it’s correct. For us it’s compliance, which is a huge part of how we operate as a business. It also means that we know that our guys are using the right information at the right time.

We’ve seen an increase in our bid win rate in the last couple of years and I think EasyPQQ has played a part in that, certainly getting us through some of the earlier stages of bids, so through the pre-qualification stage especially.

In terms of time, I’d say particularly searching for answers for bids it saves me a couple of hours to complete the tender process which for me means I can concentrate on either getting the bid more bespoke or getting the bid designed, so it’s freed up a lot of time for us.

I would recommend EasyPQQ; I have recommended EasyPQQ to other people.

I think it’s a very good tool. I think it’s very reasonable given the price of it and I enjoy using it and I am pleased that we can use it across the business."

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