Clear understanding of the questions to answer

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Paul Bennett

Senior Bid Manager

"We started to use EasyPQQ because, particularly in the sector I work, some of the ITTs are getting more and more complicated; more and more requests for specific documents and are difficult to handle in a controlled way, so we end up with lots and lots of version control, revision issues in the old way of doing it.

EasyPQQ helps us organise that in a much more efficient and clean way, so people are much clearer about what questions they’ve got to answer, what their colleagues are answering and it all collects in a more convenient way, so we can do more bids with fewer people in less time.

We did a fairly sizable bid for our organisation just last month and we were able to do quite a complicated infographic, which previously would have taken us two / three weeks’ worth of solid work - we just wouldn’t normally have the time to do that.

But with EasyPQQ doing all the heavy lifting of the document building, we were able to spend much more time on the stuff that really helps the client understand the bid." 

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