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Jeremy Brim

Head of Business Development, JBW Group

"I think things that are important to us are being able to find information quickly across our files,

I think also graphically how our documents look; if you’re just using Word or similar it’s quite difficult to get that really high standard of aesthetic.

I think the benefits are that we’ve got a number of people across the business that use the system, so they can interact, we can assign questions so there’s reduced risk in emailing content around, it’s reduced time in the efficiency of how we can operate and assign parts of questions, and then also it is graphically, again, how the documents look.

The quality of our submitted documents really went though the roof compared to having to spend quite a lot of time either trying to do it ourselves in Word or putting work out externally to graphic designers for nice covers and things like that.

I think probably our win rate per bid, if you like, has probably been similar. But what it has meant is we’ve probably been able to submit more bids actually, because we’ve only got a finite resource, so the efficiency and effectiveness of the team being able to search for content, being able to generate documents quickly, has meant that we’ve probably been able to do more, so we’re winning more work but our percentage win is probably similar.

I think it’s a robust system and we’ve not had any downtime issues or those sorts of disasters at all, which I think is probably something that people worry about. 

I would recommend it; it’s been great for us in terms of efficiency and the quality of our output."

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